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Floor Insulation

The crawl space below my timber floor was too shallow to fit Ecoquilt under the floor joists so fitted the Eco-floor insulation under my existing carpet. The result was a warmer room, no draughts the carpet was softer to walk on too.

Sue Minsky - Malvern

"Once I installed Airtec I was surprised at the savings. Once I installed Airtec I was surprised at the savings..."

Jenny, Luton

It is fairly well known that heating is lost through the walls and roof of a house, but many people aren’t aware that heat can also be lost through a building’s flooring.

Heat will always travel to colder areas, meaning that during the winter the heating in your house will always try and escape outside and during the summer the heat from outside will always try and travel into your home.

Truthfully there is only one way to prevent this heat from travelling in or out of your home and that is to place a barrier between your home and the outside world.

By preventing heat loss you are able to use the heating less, which means that your heating bills will be reduced; this also means that your home will be more environmentally friendly, which is becoming more and more important nowadays.

Aside from saving money and being better for the environment, floors that aren’t insulated also lead to cold floors which can make a house feel much less comfortable.

At Ecohome Insulation we have a range of insulation available that includes Eco-Tec floor insulation, floor-foam insulation, EcoQuilt expert and Airtec Double foil. These products can be fitted underneath carpet, laminate or vinyl flooring or even better underneath the floor joists if you can get access.

Our website contains many videos and guides which contain helpful information and how to guides for many of our products.

If you would like more information or have any questions regarding any of our Floor Insulation products please get in contact with us and a member of our team will be happy to help.

Eco-Tec Floor Insulation
Eco-Tec Floor Insulation

Eco-Floor Insulation for Timber and Concrete Floors, prevents Draughts and Cold Damp Air.

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