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SPC-LUX Insulated Flooring Kit

SPC-LUX Insulated Flooring Kit

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Packs (2m2 Each) (12m2)


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expand_circle_down Description

Fully Insulated Flooring Solution

Its affordable, its durable – its Premium Insulated SPC-LUX Flooring.

This is a duel – purpose solution; you receive a high performing insulation and SPC-LUX Flooring.

So, if your looking for a energy saving, stunning, practical flooring that’s 100% Waterproof – you have come to the right place. We have made no compromises; our team of experts have created a kit that accounts for absolutely everything.

The SPC-LUX Insulated Flooring Kit Features;

  • EcoTec Floor Foam Insulation (Roll Size: 1.2 x 25m)
  • Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape (to seal edges and joints)
  • SPC-LUX Flooring
  • SPC Fixing Kit

SPC Fixing Kit Includes;

  • Rubber Mallet
  • Tapping Block
  • Pullbar
  • Wedges
  • Spacers
  • Profile Gauge (250mm)
  • Set Square (set not adjustable)
  • Cutting Knife

Why Should You Choose this Solution?

Once the 4mm Thick EcoTec Floor Foam Insulation has been installed, you’ll retain more of your heat energy, by preventing cold bridging from below. At the same time you’ll enjoying the vast array of SPC – LUX benefits.

The SPC-LUX  Flooring is 100% Waterproof, Indentation and Stain Resistant – offering both charm and practicality.

It perfectly suitable for both commercial and residential properties, where spillages are regular and footfall is high. Its versatile and suitable for all areas, including Kitchens and Bathrooms.

We have a collection of 7 shades; providing you with options to meet your specific taste. If you would like to view our colour range and would like to order a sample ahead of your order – just head HERE


You can also view our How To Video and Data Sheet, which together will provide you with all the detail you require.

If you do wish to speak to one of our team members, they will be happy to assist you – just submit your enquiry HERE

expand_circle_down How-To Videos

How To Install the SPC-Lux Flooring Kit

Installing the SPC-Lux Flooring System is easy by following this brief video. Reduces energy bills in just 9mm depth. Why choose inferior products such as Laminate and LVT again?

SPC-Lux Insulated Flooring Kit - Reduce Energy Bills In Just 9mm!

The future of flooring, now available to the UK! Why use inferior products such as Laminate and LVT again?

expand_circle_down How-To Guides

How to Install SPC-Lux Flooring

  1. Measure the area of the Room

    Once the EcoTec Floor Foam has been installed - measure the total area required, using a tape measure. You should measure the width and length.

  2. Start Installing SPC-Lux

    Begin at the back corner of the room, laying the SPC-Lux Flooring. Our recommendation would be to start with a a full board, just cut the final piece - when you come to the end of your run. This will start a scattered pattern.

  3. Cutting the SPC-Lux

    To cut the SPC-Lux you should use the Knife and the Set Square provided within the kit, to ensure that you have a perfect straight finish. Once you have scored the SPC Flooring Panel, you can then snap the board. TIP: Do not cut over a board that is down you'll risk scraping it as you'll apply pressure. Either go elsewhere to cut your SPC-Lux or you can flip an unused board over and use that as your base.

  4. UNILINC Locking System

    The SPC-Lux Boards are clicked together using the UNILINC Locking System, which makes the install easier than alternative Floorings. You'll be able to feel the board clicking in to place.

  5. Tapping Block and Mallet

    Use your Tapping Block and the Mallet that is provided in the Kit, to ensure than the panels are secured together nicely. The Mallet is rubber, so will not damage the SPC-Lux Panels.

  6. Getting around the tricky bits...

    Within the kit you will have a Profile Gauge, this goes around shapes and replicates them - to ensure you can replicate the shape on the SPC Lux Flooring. To do this you place the Profile Gauge over the Flooring and mark the area required to remove. You can then cut the shape out of the flooring using a jigsaw.

  7. Pull Bar

    When you get near the edge it makes sense to then use the Pull Bar, so you can ensure that the Flooring is securely in to place all around the perimeter of the room. Use the Pull Bar in conjunction with the Mallet.

  8. Radiator Pipes

    If you have any radiator pipes, using the Profile Gauge to get half of the curve of the radiator pipe and draw this shape on the end of your board. Do the same on another board, for the other side. Use the jigsaw to make the cut and slot each piece around the pipe. You may then wish to finish with pipe covers if necessary.

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SPC-LUX Insulated Flooring Kit SPC-LUX Insulated Flooring Kit
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expand_circle_down Q&As

What is SPC Flooring?

SPC Flooring is Stone Polymer Composite. It is changing the future of flooring. Our SPC is predominantly limestone and is a hard wearing compound. Its multi layer construction includes a UV Coating, a Transparent Wear Layer a Decorative Film Layer and a Core Layer.

Where can I Install SPC Flooring?

It's versatile, so it can be installed in any room in your home or commercial premises.

Is SPC Pet Friendly?

Our SPC can be enjoyed by you and your pets. It is super scratch resistant and also indentation resistant too.

I have children - how slippery is SPC Flooring?

In addition to its UV Coating, SPC has a textured surface - this provides you with a high skid resistant top layer. When wet, it also has a much greater friction compared to alternatives when wet.

In addition to its UV Coating, SPC has a textured surface - this provides you with a high skid resistant top layer. When wet, it also has a much greater friction compared to alternatives when wet.

SPC is dimensionally stable; this means even when there are massive fluctuations in the temperature this will not impact the SPC.

What happens if I accidentally drop chemicals?

The double UV coating that is built in provides the SPC with high resistance. This means you can grab a wet mop and wipe any accidental common stains away.

How environmentally friendly is SPC?

SPC is 100% Recyclable - it is made up of virgin polyvinyl chloride and natural limestone powder - both materials are very sustainable and can be recycled.

Will the Flooring be OK with direct sunlight?

Yes - it has a double UV Coating which provides resistance from direct sunlight, which will protect against fading.

Do I Require an Underlay?

Yes - we recommend installing EcoTec Floor Foam beneath. This contains a dense foam and is compatible with this product.

What underlay should I use if I am installing underfloor heating too?

You understandably do not want to counter the benefits of your underfloor heating system - so we have another underlay you can use if you are having underfloor heating. Just get in touch and we will be able to quote you for this.

Why does SPC surpass the performance of Laminate Flooring?

The main benefit is that SPC is 100% Waterproof - Laminate is not, if water gets beneath it can significantly damage the floor by causing it to lift. It is also more susceptible to dents etc.

How does SPC compare to Luxury Vinyl Tiles?

LVC is 100% PVC - making it very soft. SPC has a higher indentation resistance. In terms of installation time SPC is easier to install and also requires less preparation time. For LVC the subfloor needs to be 100% perfect. LVT needs to be installed professionally, whereas homeowners / competent DIYers can install SPC.

How does sheet vinyl / lyno compare?

Sheet Vinyl / Lyno is a very cheap waterproof product. It does however tear very easily and does not stand up to general everyday household living.

expand_circle_down Specification
Product TypeStone Polymer Composite
GrooveV Groove
Size Per Plank5mm x 1220mm x 182mm
Coverage P²er Pack1.998m²
Planks Per Box9
Residential Warranty (Years)35
Residential Warranty (Years) 15
100% Waterproof?Yes
Fire Rated?Yes - EN 9239-1 and ISO 11925-2.
Slip resistance?EN13893
expand_circle_down Flooring Installation Service

We understand that not everyone has the time or ability to install their own SPC-LUX Flooring. This is why we have a team of trusted installers, that can fit your flooring for you.

Simply fill out the below short form and we will send over your free, no obligation quotation.

Size Calculator

Instantly find out how much flooring you require for your project! Enter your room dimensions. Room Dimensions
+ Add another room's dimensions

Area to be Covered: m2

Packs Required (2m2 Each):

Please note we account for 10% wasteage in the calculation.

Key Features

  • 35 Year Residential Warranty
  • 15 Years light Commercial Warranty
  • Total Depth 9mm
  • Retains the Heat in your Home
  • Suitable for Heavy Foot Fall Areas
  • Pet Friendly
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Creates an authentic real wood look
  • Suitable for Residential and Commercial Properties
  • Highly Durable
  • Hard Wearing
  • Stain Resistant
  • Indentation Resistance
  • Slip Resistance – DS Slip Rating to EN13893
  • Fire Resistance Tested to EN 9239-1 and ISO 11925-2
  • Easy Installation – Unilin Click Locking System
  • UV Resistance – Preventing Fading
  • Suitable for those who are competent at DIY
  • Installation Option Available in the Midlands

Downloads & Resources

picture_as_pdf Data Sheets

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