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Using MultiFoils to Insulate Your Home During the Summer and Winter

Using MultiFoils to Insulate Your Home During the Summer and Winter

Using MultiFoils to Insulate Your Home During the Summer and Winter

Believe it or not, as well as keeping a house warm during the winter months, multifoil insulation will also keep it cooler in summer.

MultiFoil’s work by reflecting radiant energy. During the winter MultiFoils will reflect away the cold while reflecting the heat back. During the summer months this will also reflect away excess heat, keeping you at a more comfortable temperature all year round.

If you live in a property built before 1980 the chances are that your house is not properly insulated with only a recorded 20% of pre-1980’s houses being correctly insulated. New homes are also insulated to the minimum of standards to ensure costs are kept down; therefore it may be worth topping up the insulation in your home to ensure you are keeping heating bills down.

By fitting multifoil insulation such as YBS SuperQuilt or EcoQuilt Expert, which combines highly reflective foil, thermal wadding and foam to create a high performing reflective insulation barrier. You will not only save on energy bills but also acts as a vapour control barrier once fully taped and sealed using our ThermaSeal Foil Joining Tape.

Which Insulation do I need?

If you are topping up the insulation in your home, you may want to choose EcoQuilt Expert rather than YBS SuperQuilt. This insulation is most popular with DIY’ers and is the highest performing multifoil when measuring cost vs performance.

EcoQuilt Expert consists of 6 layers of highly reflective foil, thermal wadding and a foam barrier which is around 15mm thick in its open state. When fully compressed this product is only 6mm thick, which is equivalent to over 50mm of Rigid Board insulation such as Kingspan!

If you have little to no insulation in your home, or need to meet Building Control standards you will need to use our YBS SuperQuilt. This is the highest performing EN Certified Multifoil on the market which is fully LABC, BBA and NHBC certified – meaning widespread acceptance through all building controls!

YBS SuperQuilt consists of 19 layers of true aluminium foil, thermal wadding and a foam barrier. This product is 40mm thick in its open state and will compress down to around 10mm. This is equivalent to around 75mm of Rigid Board Insulation (Kingspan) in your loft space.

To see how much insulation you need to meet a certain U-Value you can use our free and easy to use online U-Value Calculator – the easiest way to calculate insulation needs.

Both products can be used to insulate all applications in your home such as Roofs, Lofts, Walls, Floors, Conservatories Garden Buildings and many more applications

Watch our useful How-To Videos too see how you can insulate different areas of your home and save upto 45% on cost on your heating bills!

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