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How to Insulate your Loft Floor Without using Nasty, Itchy Fibreglass Insulation

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So easy to install and can feel the benfits already!

Tom Parker

The Loft Insulation Kit is designed for lofts that need a high performing insulation without using any Fibre Glass and without raising your floor height.

Watch our How-To Video to see how our Loft Insulation Kit can benefit you!

One layer of EcoQuilt is equivalent to around 100mm of Fibre Glass while only being 6mm when compressed!

You can also install a double layer of EcoQuilt in your loft for maximum performance!

This kit will include the following:

Unlike Itchy Mineral Fibre, EcoQuilt Expert does not shrink or reduce in performance over time and will last the lifetime of the application.

  • Lightweight, thin and flexible
  • Can be used in joists as shallow as 50mm
  • No harmful floating materials compared to traditional loft insulation
  • Can be installed without raising your floor height
  • Reflects 97% radiant energy back into your home
  • Low Emissivity Foils
  • UK Manufactured

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Item Condition: New

Covers Area of:15 square metres
Pack Price: 108.30 (ex. VAT) 129.96 (inc. VAT)
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Payments by Secure Trading