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Insulate Your Radiators for instant energy savings - now it's even faster, more effective and easier to do...

Radiator Insulation Kit
Radiator Insulation Kit

Insulating the Radiators in my Mothers house was the easiest Insulation jobs I have ever carried out. It's amazing most home owners overlook the obvious advantages of Insulating behind radiators.

Mark Gillott, Derbyshire

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As much as 30% of the heat can be lost through the wall at the back of your Radiators. Our D.I.Y Insulation kit provides enough Airtec Double foil to insulate all the Radiators in the average house.

Whilst ordinary foil helps - it's just not good enough. Airtec Double foil Insulation provides a combination of two layers of foil, separated by a layer of air bubbles creating a thermal barrier while the outer layer of foil reflects heat back in to your home.

Fitting the Radiator Insulation Kit could not be easier. Watch the online video (on the right hand side) and see how simple it is to insulate your radiators and enjoy instant savings on energy bills. Airtec Double is also available in larger rolls for commercial purposes here.

Due to the low cost and high demand of this product please order online unless you are ordering Superquilt, EcoQuilt or Non-Itch wool by phone. In this case we can add the Radiator Insulation Kit to your phone order carriage free.

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