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BreatherQuilt the better alternative to TLX Gold with less cost, higher performance and free delivery

BreatherQuilt, as used in the TyvaQuilt 0.18 Re-Roof System
BreatherQuilt, as used in the TyvaQuilt 0.18 Re-Roof System
BreatherQuilt, as used in the TyvaQuilt 0.18 Re-Roof System

After using Kingspan when re-roofing properties for almost 20 years, I was then told by a building control officer about SuperQuilt. I'd used SuperQuilt for the Last 5 years and clients have never been happier with work I've done,

I used BreatherQuilt on my last project, a Semi-Detatched home where the Roof couldnt be raised in height, it works a treat and has the added benefit of reducing the need for additional insulation between rafters.

Don, Roofing Specialist

BreatherQuilt is a very Flexible, easy to Fit, breathable multi-layer insulation achieving a high thermal resistance.

BreatherQuilt is made up of 11 layers of breathable foil and wadding with an added top layer of breathable Membrane. This added breathable membrane layer saves time, cost and valuable roof height space because you don't need to install a breathable membrane over rafters! The Technical Data sheet on the left of this page shows how BreatherQuilt is used with Fibre or rigid board insulation to meet Building regulations.

BreatherQuilt has been designed as a higher performance alternative to TLX Gold AND supplied at less cost than Web Dynamics TLX Gold.

BreatherQuilt however is the NEW British manufactured and British engineered product to be the highest performance, quickest and cost effective solution to any re-roofing property

So why do more Builders and Roofers choose to install YBS BreatherQuilt?

*Higher in thermal performance
*Manufactured to have higher reflective properties
*Thinner to save space when installing
*Lower in cost
*British manufactured to support industry.
*Engineered to not require any Kingspan or Celotex when you use the TyvaQuilt Insulation system.

You can meet a U Value of .18 even in rafters as small as 3-inch or 75mm. When Re-Roofing BreatherQuilt is installed over rafter by stapling in place, you can simply secure two layers of SuperQuilt LG in conjunction with BreatherQuilt to meet the current 0.18 requirements for building control.

When you spend over £500 + Vat we even supply you with a Free Staple Gun & 5,000 14mm staples!

** To Claim your Free staple Gun & 5,000 staples simply fill in the Contact us page with your name and quote “Free Staple Gun” when ordering. Please note this only applies for first orders only **

You can buy BreatherQuilt at the lowest trade prices and recieve Free Next Day delivery on all orders over £100 placed until 2pm*

Item Condition: New

Covers Area of:12 square metres
Roll Price: 115 (ex. VAT) 138.00 (inc. VAT)
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