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Shipping Container Liners From TPS

TPS Thermal Insulated Shipping Container Liners

Insulated Shipping Container Liners
Premier insulation line for protection of goods in a shipping container

TPS Insulated Shipping Container Liners are available in

four levels of Insulation material to suit the product requirement.

Our highest performance material is the ThermaQuilt Multifoil insulation Blanket for maximum protection providing the equivilant of 85mm of polystyrene Insulation. We supply Insulated container liners in EcoQuilt Expert Multifoil insulation, ThermaPack single and ThermaPack Ultra Double - See our simple performance chart below to decide which Insulated Container liners to suit your Cargo.


Four Insulated Container Liner Options simply explained
ThermaPack Single foil 25mm Polystyrene Low cost, Ideal for single use for one way transportation.
ThermaPack Ultra Double foil 55mm Polystyrene Our Best Seller based on performance-V-Price
EcoQuilt Expert Multifoil 65mm Polystyrene 40% saving on ThermaQuilt yet only 20% less in performance.
ThermaQuilt Multifoil 85mm Polystyrene Certificated solution with maximum anti freeze protection


Item Condition: New

Liner Price: 499 (ex. VAT) 598.80 (inc. VAT)
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