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TPSolutions ThermaPack Insulated Envelopes

ThermaPack Insulated Thermal Packaging Envelopes

TPS Inslulated envelopes have been designed and manufactured in Sheffield using "True" aluminium foil. The true aluminium foil provides maximum insulation performance unlike most imported foil envelopes that are made from polymer foil which provides lower performance Insulation.

The ThermaPack Ultra envelope system reflects up to 97% of heat transferred through radiation, in-turn reducing heat gain. This also retains energy when products need to be kept cool by retaining cold air of the product and its surrounding Space. ThermaPack Ultra DOUBLE envelopes provides the equivalent of 55mm of Polystyrene and ThermaPack SINGLE is similar to 25mm of Polystyrene..

The TPS ThermaPack Envelope Range is designed to:

• Keep Frozen and Cold products Cooler for longer.
• Retain heat to keep products warmer for longer
• Maintain an ambient temperature in storage and throughout transportation
• Protect against moisture

• Protect goods with puncture resistance for physical protection
• Be quick and easy, with Self Seal Tape lip for quick closure.
• Ship perishable products like food, Pharmaceutical and electronic parts.

You can Order ThermaPack SINGLE "OR" ThermaPack Ultra (DOUBLE foil) envelopes for even higher performance and protection all at the lowest prices in the UK guaranteed!

Item Condition: New

Pack Price (100): 78 (ex. VAT) 93.60 (inc. VAT)
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Payments by Secure Trading