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Save up to 500 for next Christmas

Everyone loves this time of year, the food, the laughter, the gifts and the whole festive feel. What we don’t love however is what it does to our bank accounts, purses and wallets.

Did you know the typical Christmas costs the average person somewhere between £440[1] and £600[2] on gifts alone and up to £820 in total for the big day itself?

Though, other reports claim that parents will spend between £112.50 per child - £312 per child. The reports vary in figures but there’s no denying that Christmas is an expensive period for everyone.

Here at Ecohome-Insulation, we have many money saving options for you. Home insulation is an effective way to save money on your bills. This extra money saved will help make Christmas, and any other large spending days you have scheduled in your diary, easier to budget for.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, the easiest way to reduce the cost of bills is to fit loft and cavity wall insulation. An uninsulated house will lose a quarter of its heat through these areas and depending on the size of your house you could save between £75 for a small bungalow or £250[3] for a detached house by installing cavity wall insulation. By insulating your loft you could save between £140 -£250 respectively.

Combined this is a total between £215 and £500. This money will go a long way to making your Christmas more affordable. More presents, more food, warmer house and cheaper bills is enough to make anyone consider investing in home insulation.

At Ecohome-Insulation we have a range of eco-friendly insulation methods that can be used for lofts, floors, walls, roofs and conservatories.

Our EcoQuilt Expert is the Highest Performance Multifoil Insulation blanket in Europe when measured in performance against cost. We even provide a ‘how to’ video to help guide you when using EcoQuilt.

YBS SuperQuilt is also multi-purpose and can be used in a variety of applications. It’s perfect for insulating areas that don’t have a lot of space as its layers will compress to just 11mm, therefore saving a lot of space.

By installing our insulation products yourself you are also saving money on service costs which means that insulating your home can be even cheaper.

For more information on our foil insulation please browse our website or contact us about any queries that you may have.

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Payments by Secure Trading