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The multiple benefits of Reflective Insulation

Not only is Foil insulation a cost-effective and easy to fit insulation product that works well with both new and old building projects but it is especially designed to keep the house warm in winter and great at reflecting excessive heat during the summer.

What’s more is that it’s also five times faster to install than other leading products such as Kingspan and Celotex insulation solutions. If your work involves the installation of insulation then you will really feel the benefit of a having your job made quicker. Reducing the labour time will ensure that insulation materials are correctly installed without any need to rush by a deadline.

Our YBS SuperQuilt is easy to handle due to its lightweight and flexibility and the fact that it can be cut into any size or shape with ease means it can be used for walls, roofs, lofts and other applications to speed up any installation process.

Even using SuperQuilt for the first time, you could still be able to get the job done in less than 2 hours. We’ve regularly received feedback from customers who are pleasantly surprised at the ease of use for this insulation.

Furthermore, foil installation is space saving. This type of insulation takes up a 1/3 of the spacecompared to your usual insulation materials. We’ve all seen TV programs that make a joke of pushing out the walls to make rooms bigger but with EcoQuilt insulation this is a possibility.

Foil insulation is compact and can compress to just 6mm in depth (dependant on Product). When using in walls, plasterboard can be easily used in combination to create a final finish if needed.

Most importantly, as a home owner the performance costs will save you up to 50% more than cavity wall insulation and insulated plasterboard. As foil insulation is perfect all year round you’ll save money on your gas bills in winter, due to less use of your central heating system, and in the summer you’ll use electric powering fans and air conditioning units.

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