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How To Install EcoQuilt Expert on Roofs and Walls

Difficulty: Easy • 6 Steps

EcoQuilt Expert is a 6 Layer High Performance Multifoil Insulation Blanket designed to insulate Roofs, Walls, Floors, Conservatories and many more. EcoQuilt Expert is the highest performing multifoil when measuring cost vs performance.

Method Steps

  1. Fitting Information

    Watch our How-To Video to see how easy it is to install EcoQuilt Expert in various applications.

  2. Measure the Area and Cut the EcoQuilt to Size

    Measure the area of either the wall / roof section depending on where you would like to insulate first and cut. You can cut using either our Cutting Knife or Multifoil Scissors. Both of which come part of the Mulfifoil Fitting Kit that we supply.

  3. Staple EcoQuilt to the Timber

    Proceed by stapling the Multifoil Insulation directly to the timber (whether that be the Rafters, Studs or Battens). This is the best way to enable the EcoQuilt to perform, as it provides a air cavity behind the insulation. When stapling, leave 300mm intervals.

  4. Proceed until Full Coverage

    Install the Second Strip of EcoQuilt. IMPORTANT: overlap the EcoQuilt by 50mm, on both the horizontal and vertical joints.

  5. Tape - Using ThermaSeal Foil Joining Tape

    Use the ThermaSeal Foil Joining Tape - to tape and seal all the joints and edges. You will need to ensure that the EcoQuilt is fully taped and sealed around the perimeter, as this creates the vapour control barrier.

  6. Counter Batten and Plasterboard

    Once the EcoQuilt Layer has been installed - install a secondary set of battens over the top of the insulation. We advise using between 400mm and 600mm centre battens. You can then proceed with your internal finish, over the battens.

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Disclaimer – Ecohome Insulation cannot be held responsible for any losses financially or physically from advice provided in this How-To-Guide. 

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