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YBS Breathe-R Foil 2 in 1 Insulation and Membrane

YBS Breathe-R Foil 2 in 1 Insulation and Membrane

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2 in 1 Insulating Membrane

YBS Breathe-R Foil is a membrane and insulating layer for Pitched Roofs.

If you would like to insulate your roof at the same time as installing a membrane, you can replace a standard membrane with this product. This way you will insulate your roof at the same time, so you can incorporate the properties of a breather felt, with the extra benefit of thermal performance.

It’s made up of 2 layers and is only 2mm thick. The outer layer is made of a high-performing and durable roofing membrane.

The internal layer is made using highly reflective insulation grade aluminium foil (this is also fully perforated to allow moisture to escape).

Compared to a traditional breather membrane, can reduce heat loss by up to 39%. The foil insulation provides an R-Value of 0.45 which is equivalent to 20mm of Mineral Wool. Unlike other forms of loft insulation, you do not need any PPE to install Breathe-R foil. Because it doesn’t contain any harmful fibres when installed.

A roll of YBS Breathe-R Foil 2 in 1 Insulation and Membrane is 1.2m x 25m which covers a 30m2 area.

Are you looking for a Breathable Multifoil with higher thermal properties? Check out YBS BreatherQuilt.


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expand_circle_down How-To Guides

How-to install YBS Breathe-R Insulation

  1. Preparing the Roof

    We recommend to strip off tiles, tile batten and any existing felt to expose the rafters.

  2. Installing Breathe-R over Rafters

    Breathe-R can be installed over rafters, starting at the bottom of the rafters and running the product perpendicular to the rafters. We recommend to staple the product in place at 300mm centres and draping the product by 10-15mm.

  3. Overlapping Breathe-R Insulation

    Once the first run of Breathe-R has been installed, we then recommend to install the next layer above and overlap by 100mm. We recommend to use the double sided tape, which is built into the product for the horizontal overlaps.

  4. Installing Tile Battens

    We then recommend to install your tile battens and tiles, using good building practice.

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expand_circle_down Q&As

How does Breathe-R work?

Breathe-R reflective internal foil faces into a cavity which creates a thermal performance. 95% of radiant energy which hits the foil is reflected back down into the home.

How do you cut Breathe-R?

Breathe-R can be cut with multifoil scissors or a cutting knife, both of which are found in our Multifoil Insulation Fitting Kit.

Is Breathe-R suitable for walls?

Yes, Breathe-R can be used on both pitched roofs and timber framed walls

Is Breathe-R fully waterproof?

Correct, Breathe-R is a 3 in 1 waterproof, breathable, and insulating membrane

Do I still need to use Tyvek or equivalent?

Breathe-R is to be used as the external roofing membrane, therefore no other breather membrane is required.

Does Breathe-R meet building regulations?

Whilst Breathe-R cannot be used on its own to achieve building regulations, incorporating this product in a system is a way to achieve the desired value in less space. Breathe-R or has a certified value in a roof of 0.45.

How thick is Breathe-R

Breathe-R is a 2-layer membrane with a thickness of 1mm.

Is there a thicker upgrade of Breathe-R

For improved thermal benefits, we recommend BreatherQuilt. BreatherQuilt is a 11 layer multifoil designed for over rafter use. BreatherQuilt has an improved R-value of 1.62.

expand_circle_down Specification
Layers 2
Roof R-Value0.4

Key Features

  • 2-in-1 insulating breather membrane
  • Built-in double sided tape for simply installation
  • Eliminates Condensation – Fully breathable
  • Replaces a standard breather felt
  • R-Value of 0.45 m²K/W
  • Equivalent to 10mm PIR Insulation
  • Suitable for all UK wind zones
  • UK Manufactured – YBS Insulation
  • No requirement for PPE or Masks
  • Excellent tensile and tear resistance strength

Downloads & Resources

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