Alternatives to Spray Foam Insulation for Your Home

Here we will explore the issues associated with spray foam insulation. This is for those of you who have this in your home and also for those of you who are considering having this installed. We then suggest alternatives to spray foam insulation for your home. Specifically Multifoils, which is an alternative insulation – that protect against the issues you could face from spray foam insulation.

If you already have spray foam installed and are looking to remove and replace this – we have contacts who can replace spray foam with Multifoil Insulation – just Get In Touch.

What is Spray Foam Insulation?

It is useful to understand what Spray Foam Insulation actually is prior to analysing it.

Spray Foam Insulation is applied as a liquid and it expands before hardening. Once hardened, it creates a airtight barrier that can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs. Now whilst reduced heating bills sounds appealing – homeowners do need to be informed about the drawbacks of Spray Foam Insulation.

Spray Foam Insulation commonly leads to lenders holding back on lending for mortgages. It can massively impact their willingness to release equity, they see spray foam insulation as a risk. If you do then manage to get a mortgage accepted, you should also be aware spray foam devalues properties, due to the negative narrative around the product. Potential buyers now view spray foam insulation as a potential liability, that can massively impact the homes resale value. This is all due to concerns surrounding that of lack of ventilation and air circulation – which can result in moisture and mold – owed to no natural airflow.

Do you need professionals to install Spray Foam Insulation?

Specialists are required to install spray foam insulation. They need to adhere to safety protocols and the installers need to have a licence to carry out the installation. The specialists then arrive with protective equipment, commonly referred to as PPE. This in itself is concerning, as there are risks to health – which as we all know health is the most important consideration. Spray Foam Insulation does pose risks to not only the installers, but also to homeowners. This is because if exposed to some of the hazardous chemicals in spray foam, you can suffer from respiratory issues, skin irritation and other health concerns. So much so that the installers wear respirators, gloves and clothing that protects their skin.

What are the risks of spray foam shrinking?

Due to the composition of spray foam, it can crack or shrink and in turn compromise its effectiveness. The gaps in the insulation can therefore mean your energy bills begin to increase again and you can also suffer from structural issues too.

Multifoil Insulation as an Alternatives?

The best alternative to spray foam insulation is Multifoil Insulation. The reason being is that it incorporates the ‘good’ of the traditional insulation, whilst not having any of the drawbacks that spray foam insulation possesses.

Multifoil Insulation as an alternative to Spray Foam Insulation
  • Does not require PPE – Multifoil Insulation contains no harmful materials at all.
  • DIY Friendly – if you are capable you can do the install as no professionals are required.
  • Thin, Flexible and Easy to Install
  • Reflects Excess Cold / Heat away
  • Reduces energy bills
  • Recognised in the industry
  • Most cost effective than PIR

Multifoil Insulation is outstanding, its nice to have a solution that does not compromise in terms of quality and performance to achieve safety.

We have Multifoils for every application possible, from Floors to Walls to Lofts, right to Sheds and Conservatories – have a look on our kits and products per application and let us know if you need our assistance. We have solutions for those of you looking to just improve the insulation in your own home, but also for those going through building regulations for a new build / extension.

So – if you have spray foam insulation at your home at the moment and are looking to remove the spray foam and replace it with Multifoil Insulation just get in touch with us. All we need to know is where you are based, the m2 of the area and we can assist you.

If you do not have spray foam insulation and are considering all options, you are more than welcome to speak to our team – we have technical experts in house that are clued up in the full field of insulation and we are here to assist. You can either request a callback or submit an enquiry!