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BLACK FRIDAY SALE AT ECOHOME INSULATION Black Friday isn’t all big TV’s and blagging the latest phone at the best price, here at EcoHome Insulation our Black Friday Sale will help you stay toastie and warm this winter and will actually help to reduce your energy bills, so it’s a win, win all round. Starting […]

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How to Combat Draughty Floorboards

How to Combat Draughty Floorboards How to combat draughty floorboards during these long cold winters. In the UK has become commonplace, with the freezing temperatures stretching into February and beyond extending the chill as we saw with the “beast from the east” a few winters ago. It’s one thing to experience freezing temperatures. When you […]

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How to Prevent Heat Loss Through Walls

How to Prevent Heat Loss Through Walls You may be surprised or even shocked to know that approximately 25% of the heat generated by your boiler will (give or take) escape through your home’s roof if you do not have effective insulation. Today – we want to show you how to prevent heat loss through […]

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How to Save on Energy Bills in Winter 2022

With global energy prices in a precarious position, domestic energy bills are a huge topic of conversation for Winter 2022. If we are all going to be paying more than usual to heat our homes, we need to ensure the heat we are paying for stays within our four walls and THE answer to this […]

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Updated U-value Regulations – June 22

Updated U-value Regulations – June 22 This new release will explain the recent changes to building regulations, targeting U-value increases in particular. Why are the U-value regulations changing? The lower the u-value, ultimately more insulation is required to meet the same target. As a result, there will be less requirement for heat and power in […]

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How to Reduce your Energy Bills by Insulating?

By Insulating, you will reduce your energy bills. Uninsulated Home = Heat Loss = More Energy Usage = Money Wasted An Insulated Home = Heat Energy Retained = Less Energy Expenditure = Lower Energy Bills = Money Saved We all know the cost of energy has escalated, subsequently our bills are much higher than they […]

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Are you aware of the Latest U-value Regulations?

Are you aware of the Latest U-value Regulations? This blog will investigate the new changes to building regulations, therefore ensuring you are aware of the Latest U-value Regulations! Why have these regulations changed? Building regulations have changed as currently, heating and powering buildings in the UK account for 40% of our total energy usage. So […]

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Getting Ready For Summer Insulation Checklist

You might be super organised this year, have your holidays booked and your suitcase almost packed….but what about when you get home and all the summer garden parties and BBQ’s begin? Make your own getting ready for summer insulation checklist now! This Blog features a list of areas in and around your home that you […]

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Insulate Your Hot Tub to Improve Energy Efficiency

Insulate your Hot Tub to Improve Energy Efficiency This blog has been created to highlight the inefficiency of an uninsulated hot tub. Also to explain how to insulate your hot tub to improve energy efficiency. What a lovely treat it is after a hard days work, sinking into a cosy hot tub to relax…. Although […]

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Insulate your Garage for All Year Round Use

Insulate your Garage for All Year Round Use Did you know that you pay between 5-16% more for your home, due to its Garage? Therefore, we believe its critical that you Insulate your Garage so you can use the space, all year round.  Many people do not fully optimise their Garage, due to the fluctuations […]

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