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TyvaQuilt 0.18 Roof System

TyvaQuilt 0.18 Roof System

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Achieve UK Building Regulations

Ecohome Insulation’s Exclusive TyvaQuilt 0.18 Roof System. Achieve UK building regulations, hitting U-values of between 0.18 to 0.15 with no Kingspan or Celotex!

This 3 product solution is proven to insulate a roof in less cost and installation time than any other method on the market.

Our system includes a single layer of SuperQuilt (Internal), 100mm EcoLoft Non Itch (between) and a single layer of BreatherQuilt (External). These materials also have a built-in breather membrane and vapour control layer, reducing extra materials required.

See our useful how-to video, displaying fixing instructions and materials required.

What is include in the 9.12m² Kit?

  • YBS SuperQuilt 1.2m x 10m
  • 100mm EcoLoft Non Itch Wool 380/570mm
  • YBS BreatherQuilt 1.2m x 10m
  • Adequate Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape
  • Free Heavy Duty Staple Gun & 5,000 Staples (27.36m² Kit or more)
  • Free Delivery to any UK Mainland Address

We would also recommend to purchase a Multifoil Fitting Kit when insulating with our TyvaQuilt 0.18 Roof System.

All ordered online placed before 2pm are delivered carriage free the next working day (UK Mainland only)

Bespoke U-value calculations for building control can also be printed directly from our partner’s website free of charge. Click Here and follow the step by step process to access yours now!

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Spend £500 + VAT and Choose a FREE GIFT at the checkout!

Free Gifts Include: Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape, Heavy Duty Staple Gun Kit, Multifoil Insulation Scissors or Thermaseal Double Sided Tape.

TyvaQuilt Re-Roofing System

Here at Ecohome, Multi-Foil insulation is our speciality and that’s because we know it’s the best insulation on the market, not just because of its price but its performance and ease of fitting.

This is no different when it comes to our TyvaQuilt Re-Roofing System to meet a 0.18 U-Value. This system consists of 3 products, 2 high performing multifoil Insulation blankets and EcoLoft Non-Itch, which work in harmony to produce maximum efficiency in insulation.

The system meets the requirements of a U Value of 0.18 (a U-Value most common in Refurbishments and extensions) in less time, space and cost than other traditional materials such as Kingspan or Celotex.

Space and Time

TyvaQuilt works with rafters as shallow as 125mm! In three steps your roof could be fully insulated for acceptance by Building Control, keeping you warm in less time and space than other Rigid Board Insulation materials. Start by stapling the SuperQuilt below the rafters and then tape over the overlaps (50mm) with ThermaSeal Foil Joining Tape, follow this by layering the Non-Itch between the rafters and finally staple the BreatherQuilt over the rafter. How easy is that?!


The TyvaQuilt Re-Roofing System is available for under £26 a square metre which means insulating your roof no matter its size is an affordable task. Using the highest Quality UK Manufactured materials and the most thermally efficient products on the market creates the highest performance possible reducing long term costs. Saving you money and internal living space!

The TyvaQuilt .18 Roofing System – Receive 3 Products in one complete kit to meet U-Value of .18 for under £26 a square Metre. Easier installation in less Space and at less cost and labour time than fitting Kingspan or Celotex.

It has never been easier, faster and lower in cost to meet current building regulations with the fully certified TyvaQuilt system.

The TyvaQuilt system has been innovated and designed by experts to create the most straight forward and cost effective system to meet a 0.18 u value in most pitched roofs.

The Data Sheets for your Building inspector are available for you to download and show your building inspector for approval straight away.

This Re-Roofing system uses the highest quality British manufactured materials for the highest performance possible and guaranteed acceptance by your local authority as each individual product has an LABC Certificate.

We’re the First Distributor of this revolutionary solution and can supply the complete system to you, Carriage free Next working day* at the Guaranteed Lowest trade prices.

This system consists of three stages, below, between and over using Superquilt LG, Non-Itch, & BreatherQuilt LG. The First of the 3, SuperQuilt is the highest performance EN Certified Multifoil on the market. This is fixed straight to the underside of the rafters.

You simply do this by stapling the SuperQuilt below the Rafters going horizontally; pulling tight as you’re stapling. Once fully applied the SuperQuilt should be sealed along the 50mm overlaps and perimeter with the ThermaSeal Foil Tape we supply.

Once fully taped and sealed the Non-Itch Loft Wool Insulation is to be placed in-between the rafters from the outside. The EcoLoft Non-itch wool is made from 80% of recycled products; also there is no need for any protective clothing whilst handling and installing, such as glass fibre where protective masks and clothing are needed.

The last product that is applied to the outside of the rafters is the specially designed BreatherQuilt. With BreatherQuilt there is no need to install a breathable membrane or counter batten onto your rafters, meaning you don’t have to raise your roof height or waste valuable time.

This product is just simply fixed to the rafters horizontally allowing it to sag by 25mm in-between. You are then ready for your tiles or the finish of your choice. Please watch our useful How-To Video for further information on our TyvaQuilt Re-Roof System.

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How To Insulate Your Roof Using The TyvaQuilt 0.18 U-Value System

expand_circle_down How-To Guides

How To Install TyvaQuilt Insulation To Achieve 0.18 U-Value

  1. Install SuperQuilt (Part 1)

    TyvaQuilt consists of three products building regulations. 1st is SuperQuilt Under Rafter, 2nd is Non-Itch between Rafter and finally BreatherQuilt Over Rafter. Start by installing SuperQuilt under rafter. Staple SuperQuilt and roll the product out horizontally, staple at 300mm internals. Ensure all overlaps are fully taped and sealed using Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape.

  2. Install SuperQuilt (Part 2)

    Once SuperQuilt is fully stapled & taped on the rafter, you can next proceed with your counter battens. Install battens min 25mm through SuperQuilt into the rafters behind. Ensure battens are spaced between 400mm & 600mm. Once the battens are installed, proceed with installing a plasterboard in the usual manner.

  3. Fixing and Cutting

    BreatherQuilt and SuperQuilt are to be stapled using a Heavy Duty Staple Gun & 14mm Staples. All three product can be cut using the Multifoil Scissors or the cutting knife. All these accessories are available in our Multifoil Fitting Kit.

  4. Install EcoLoft Non Itch

    Next, install EcoLoft Non Itch Wool in-between the rafters. EcoLoft Non Itch is designed to suit either 400mm or 600mm centres, with the product supplied in 380mm width or 570mm. EcoLoft Non Itch is supplied in 100mm thickness. Simply stuff the Non-Itch Wool between each rafters, leaving an airspace above for the BreatherQuilt.

  5. Install BreatherQuilt (Part 1)

    Once EcoLoft Non Itch is installed, proceed to install BreatherQuilt. Start at the bottom of the rafters, roll BreatherQuilt out horizontally, stapling at min 300mm intervals. Ensure BreatherQuilt is draped into the rafters as opposed to being installed taught. Horizontal overlaps should be overlapped by 100mm, tape using Thermaseal Double Sided Tape. Vertical joists are butt jointed, and taped using waterproof tape.

  6. Install BreatherQuilt (Part 2)

    Once BreatherQuilt is fully covered on the rafters, proceed by install tile battens. Ensure there is a gap of 10mm between BreatherQuilt and Tile Batten (in center of each rafter) At the eaves, BreatherQuilt should extend onto a suitable eaves carrier. Finish with tile/slate finish on tile battens.

How to Insulate Your Roof Without Any Kingspan or Celotex

  1. Install first run of BreatherQuilt

    Firstly, install YBS BreatherQuilt on the external of the pitched roof. Ensure the reflective foil is facing internally with the Breather membrane facing outwards. Starting at the bottom of the rafters, staple BreatherQuilt to the first rafter using 14mm staples (recommended 300mm intervals). Roll BreatherQuilt horizontally across each rafter, stapling continuously. BreatherQuilt should sag between the rafters as opposed to being pulled taught. Ensure that once the tile battens are installed, there is a clear 10mm gap between the top layer of BreatherQuilt and the tile battens.

  2. Install next run(s) of BreatherQuilt

    Next, install a further layer of BreatherQuilt, overlapping the product by 100mm and seal using the built in double sided tape. Staple as previously and ensure the tape is secured and sealed. This is to be repeated dependent on how many runs are required for the roof. Additional rolls on the verticals should be butt jointed on the rafters. Ensure the butt jointed rolls are stapled as previous and taped using waterproof tape.

  3. Install Tile Battens & Tiles

    At the eaves, BreatherQuilt should extend onto a suitable eaves carrier. This works in the same method as standard breather membranes. Proceed next by installing horizontal tile battens, on the top of the BreatherQuilt. Finally, finish by install tiles or slates.

  4. Install 2 Layers of SuperQuilt Under Rafter

    Both layers of SuperQuilt can now be installed from the internal (underside) of the rafters. The first layer of SuperQuilt is to be recessed in-between the rafters, the 2nd layer of SuperQuilt is to be pulled taught as a flat continuous layer, ensuring that there is a clear cavity between both layers of SuperQuilt and BreatherQuilt.

  5. Recess 1st Layer of SuperQuilt

    SuperQuilt is stapled to the underside of the first rafter. SuperQuilt is next recessed into the rafter (25mm), and fixed with staples of with battens. The material is then pulled taught and fixed to the opposite rafter. SuperQuilt is then wrapped around the rafter, ensuring stapling regularly, and the procedure starts again. SuperQuilt is overlapped by 50mm, ensure fully tape and seal using Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape over the laps and around the perimeter.

  6. Install 2nd Layer of SuperQuilt

    Once the first layer of SuperQuilt is installed, proceed by installing the second layer. Staple or nail the second layer through the first layer into the rafters behind. Ensure this layer is also pulled taught, there will then be a cavity between the two layers of SuperQuilt. As per the first layer, the second layer is also overlapped by 50mm. Ensure again the product is fully taped and sealed around the perimeter and overlaps using Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape.

  7. Internal Finishing

    Once both layers are installed and taped, you are ready for your secondary batten & plasterboard. Start by installing 25mm x 38mm battens on the insulation. We advise to cross-batten, however vertical battens can be used if preferred. Finish by installing 12.5mm Plasterboard. There is no requirement for a Foiled-back plasterboard or VCL. SuperQuilt works as a high performance Vapour Control Layer when taped and sealed using the ThermaSeal Foil Tape.

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What is the minimum rafter depth this system can be used in?

The minimum rafter depth we would recommend using the TyvaQuilt system in is 125mm rafters. If you have shallower rafters, we would recommend to use our Free and Easy to use Online U-Value Calculator or get in touch with our dedicated technical team.

Does this system comply with Building Regulations?

This depends on what your building inspector has asked you to achieve in your roof. This system meets a certified U-Value of 0.18. However a U-Value of 0.15 is now more common. If you need to meet a U-Value of 0.15 or lower, we would recommend looking at our TrioQuilt System or use our Free and Easy to use Online U-Value Calculator to see what other options are available for your roof.

Is this a breathable system?

The BreatherQuilt insulation, used as the external insulation in this system is a 2 in 1 breathable membrane and multifoil insulation, which replaces the need of a Breathable Membrane. The SuperQuilt Insulation, used internally acts as a high performing vapour barrier when fully taped ans sealed with the ThermaSeal Foil Tape provided, which eliminates the risk of condensation from forming within your roof space.

Do i get fixing items included in this system?

Yes, in the TyvaQuilt Re-Roof System you will recieve ThermaSeal Foil Tape, a Heavy Duty Staple Gun and 5,000 14mm Staples, to help install the system. However we would recommend our Multifoil Screws, to install the internal battens and a pair of Multifoil Scissors, which is ideal for cutting our multifoil insulation products.

Do i qualify for Free Next Day Delivery with this system?

Yes, we supply free next working day delivery on all orders over £100 + VAT, when ordered before 2pm.

Key Features

  • LABC, NHBC & BDA Approved Products
  • Meets Building Regulations in 100mm above Rafters
  • Suitable for New Builds and Re-Roofs
  • BreatherQuilt Includes Built-in Double Sided Tape
  • Significantly reduces labour time
  • No Protective clothing or sawing required
  • UK Manufactured Products

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