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Loft Ceiling Insulation Kit

Loft Ceiling Insulation Kit

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Ecohome Insulation have created an easy to install, highly effective Loft Ceiling Insulation Kit.

When installed on your Loft Ceiling (Otherwise referred to in the trade as Under Rafters) it reduces heat loss and consequently reduces your heating bills

25% of the Heat you are Paying for escapes via your Roof – So, by investing and installing this you can start saving and get a return on your investment every single year!

If you do not insulate your Loft, this in effect means you are consuming 25% more energy than is necessary to get the same level result as someone who does have effective Loft Insulation.

What’s Does the Loft Ceiling Insulation Kit Include?

  • Multifoil Insulation – EcoQuilt Expert 1.5 x 10m (15m²)

This is a High performing Multifoil Insulation, just 15mm Thick – Compressing to 6mm when installed. It is equivalent to 100 of Fibre / 50mm of Rigid Board Insulation. This Multifoil will therefore help you retain heat, in less Cost, Space and Time. 

  • Staple Gun Kit

This comprises of a Heavy-Duty Staple Gun and 5,000 x 14mm Staples to Staple the EcoQuilt Expert into place. 

  • 10″ Multifoil Insulation Scissors

Stainless Steel Scissors, suitable for Cutting Multifoils 

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You can install this Insulation yourself, by simply stapling the Multifoil to the underside of your Rafters. Overlap each layer by 50mm, but then do not tape the material.

You don’t need professional installers, as the insulation within the kit is free from any harmful floating fibres and you do not require any protective clothing to install it.

If you require any further assistance at all, you can get in Contact Us. You can either Send us a Message or Request a Callback.

You can order online or via phone on 0114 323 0029

Although this application is the most popular, if you would prefer to Insulate your Loft Floor – Press HERE.

The Loft Ceiling Insulation Kit, otherwise known as the Under Rafter Insulation Kit is great for those who are wanting to create a warm loft space and home.

As you may know heat rises and an uninsulated roof therefore leaves a passage for where your hard-earned boiler heat can escape.

You can retain the heat you pay for, by installing this Multifoil Insulation Solution. Moreover, you can be assured that it doesn’t have any nasty, itchy fibre glass either.

Start retaining the heat back into your home.

Can you install two layers of EcoQuilt Expert?

YES – This will massively improve the heat retension too.

When installing the first layer of insulation, staple it to the side of the roof rafters. Effectively weaving it in and out between the Rafters. Ensure that you have a 25mm gap behind the material, to enable the material to expand and reflect behind. Then, follow by stapling your second layer directly on to the roof rafters.

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Thickness15mm (5mm Compressed)
Roll Coverage15m²
Core R-value0.93m²K/W
Roof R-value1.83m²K/W
Wall R-value2.27m²K/W
Floor R-valueup to 5.56m²K/W
Foil Emissivity0.05
Water Vapour Resistance600MNs/g

Key Features

  • Reduces Energy Bills
  • No PPE Required – No Harmful Fibres
  • Easy to Install Yourself
  • Only 15mm Thick / Compresses to 6mm
  • Equivalent to 100mm of Fibre Glass
  • Lasts the Lifetime of the Build