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How to Insulate behind your Radiators

Difficulty: Easy • 7 Steps

Ecohome Insulation here demonstrate how to quickly and efficiently you can install radiator foil insulation, behind your radiators.

Once our Radiator Insulation Kit has been installed you will prevent heat escaping, reducing energy wastage and will keeping your home warm.

This is a really simply, yet highly effective way to retain heat in your home and prevent heat loss. It is the easiest insulation solution we have, yet it prevents the heat generated via your radiators bridging through and escaping via your walls behind. Its discreet and prevents heat wastage and therefore reduces your energy bills.

Method Steps

  1. Measure your Radiator

    Start by using a tape measure and measuring from one end of the radiator to the other. You want the insulation to cover as much of the width of the radiator as possible. Just ensure you don't measure over, as you will be able to see the insulation if so at the sides.

  2. Roll The Insulation Out and Mark

    Roll the insulation out and mark the measurement you have just taken.

  3. Cut the Radiator Insulation

    Where you have marked, draw a straight line and cut all the way so you have a piece that is perfect to size.

  4. Mark where the Radiator Brackets Sit

    Prior to removing the backing off the double sided tape, hold the insulation above the radiator as if you were about to install it. Instead, just mark the place where the radiator brackets sit.

  5. Cut to allow for the Radiator Brackets

    Cut the insulation, where you have market it to allow for the insulation material to slot over the radiator brackets comfortably.

  6. Apply the Double Sided Tape

    Apply and then peel the backing off the double sided adhesive tape. Place behind the radiator. When neatly in place, then put a little pressure where the tape sits so it holds securely in to place.

  7. Install Complete

    You can now enjoy more of the heat you generate! It will no longer escape directly behind.

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Disclaimer – Ecohome-Insulation cannot be held responsible for any losses financially or physically from advice provided in this How-To-Guide.

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