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Have You had Spray Foam

Installed In Your Home?

Don’t Worry We have The perfect solution!

Did you know that Spray Foam..

  • Prevents Mortgages
  • Down value Properties
  • Hides Possible Roof Leaks
  • Rots Roof Timbers Over Time
Spray Foam Insulation

Why you should consider
removing spray foam?

Spray Foam Insulation – alternatively called Spray Polyurethane Foam is an alternative to traditional insulation such as Kingspan or Rockwool. However, it comes with a number of downsides including safety concerns and could possibly lower the value of your house.

In recent years, mortgage companies have refused lending money against properties with Spray Foam, due to it hiding the condition of the roof. This is a major concern as it prevents any leaks or damage from being detected.

The Benefits of Replacing Spray Foam with Multifoil Insulation

Unlike Spray Foam, Multifoil Insulation products work by reflecting heat back into the home, without adding much additional weight to the roof. 
It wont effect mortgage companies lending money and increases value to your home.

Foil Insulation will not cause any structural damage and roof leaks can easily be detected. As Foil Insulation acts as a vapour barrier this prevents a condensation point, eliminating the risk of moisture from forming. Multifoils does not require any PPE and doesn’t give off any floating or harmful fibres or fumes. 

Spray Foam Removal

Can I Remove Spray Foam
Insulation By Myself?

Removing Spray Foam after its been installed between timbers can be tricky, due to the rigidity of the material and mess it causes. We work alongside Spray Foam Removal companies who specialise in the safe removal and disposal of the harmful materials and replace with high performing multifoil insulation products, commonly exceeding the insulation performance of spray foam.

If you have had Spray Foam installed in your home and would like a free no obligation quotation to replace Spray Foam with our high performing Multifoil Insulation products, please get in touch.

Enquire below for a free, no obligation quote to have Multifoil Insulation fitted in your loft. Services are also available for spray foam removal.

Learn more about the benefits of Multifoil Insulation

Ecohome Insulation is the UK’s leading distributor of multifoil insulation products. We are based in Sheffield and deliver nationwide with free next-working day delivery!

Multifoil Insulation products such as EcoQuilt Expert and SuperQuilt consist of a combination of reflective foils, recycled wadding and polyethylene foams. Spray Foam can be very expensive to install, as it requires trained specialists to install Spray Foam, due to the health risks. Unlike Spray Foam, our insulation is extremely DIY friendly. Multi-layered foil insulation products can be simply stapled into place, on timber rafters or studwork without any protective masks or PPE. Whilst spray foam works by slowing down heat transfer, EcoQuilt works by not only slowing down heat transfer, but by also reflecting 95% of radiant energy, due to their highly reflective foils.

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