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Conservatory Insulation Solution - Complete Kit Includes, Multifoil Reflective Blanket, Tape, Staple Gun & 5000 Staples.

Conservatory Insulation
Conservatory Insulation
Conservatory Insulation

Our conservatory had always been freezing in Winter and could only be used as storage, which looked horrible from our Garden. We had a Quote to put a roof on our conservatory which was unnaffordable. My Husband bought EcoQuilt and fitted it himself one weekend. Then paid for a Decorator to plaster the false ceiling. Well worth the Saving!

Janet, Derbyshire

Ecohome Conservatory Insulation Kits - Lowest Trade Prices, Free Installation Guide and Free Next-Day Delivery*

Our Multi-Foil insulation solutions are designed to revive your conservatory by keeping it cooler in summer much warmer in winter and reduces energy bills.

Conservatory Insulation companies can charge thousands of pounds to insulate your conservatory. We supply the Ecohome Conservatory Insulation kits to both Professional and DIY Clients at the lowest UK Trade Prices. When you order your Conservatory Insulation Kit online we supply a free "how To" installation guide.
This guide is only available to customers ordering our kits online from this webpage.

EcoQuilt and SuperQuilt Multi-foil Insulation are most effective in Winter. They work by reflecting heat back into the building in Winter and keeping the cold out.
In Summer EcoQuilt and SuperQuilt are an effective solar over heating barriers reflecting heat away from the Conservatory. Reducing the need for artificial cooling systems and preventing uncomfortable heat build-up in your Conservatory. In a nut shell, Insulating a conservatory with our solutions provides valuable space you can use all year round and reduces your energy bills too.

Why EcoQuilt? (EcoKit)

• 6 layer composition to keep heat inside your home and save you money on heating bills
• No protective clothing / handling required
• Lighter Insulation, making fitting easy
• Retains heat in during winter & reflects excess heat out during summer
• The lightweight nature of EcoQuilt makes it much easier to fit for one person
• Equivalent of 100mm Fibre Insulation, yet only 15mm Thick!

Why SuperQuilt? (SuperKit)

• 19 Layer Multifoil Insulation providing maximum performance to keep more heat inside your home in Winter and reflect excessive heat on hot days.
• No protective clothing/handling required
• SuperQuilt LG has a Warrington Fire Certificate
• SuperQuilt LG is a LABC certificated multifoil Insulation - the worlds highest performance EN certificated Multifoil Insulation blanket pRecognised, BDA Certification
• True Aluminium Ensure Lifetime of Insulation
• The 'Highest Performing Multifoil in the World'
• Keeps heat in during winter & keeps heat out during summer
• Easy to fit - suitable for Professional or DIY use (2 People Fitting Recommended)
• Equivalent of at least 120mm Insulation, only 40mm Thick

Both kits include either 1 or 2 packs of Multifoil Insulation, (Kit size dependent on choice) 1 Roll of Genuine Thermaseal Aluminium Foil Joining Tape (50m) and a Heavy Duty Staple Gun with 5000 Compatible 14mm Staples for fitting your Insulation.

You can order either either the EcoQuilt Kit (Ecokit) or the SuperKit (SuperQuilt) Conservatory Insulation Kit online at the lowest prices with Free UK Mainland next day delivery (Weekdays) on orders placed online before 2pm.*

Covers Area of:15 square metres
Pack Price: 108.30 (ex. VAT) 129.96 (inc. VAT)
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