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Ecohomes Reflective EcoQuilt insulation Proves itself in the garden as well as in the Home, and even in Packaging

EcoQuilt Expert, most commonly known for insulating the walls and roofs of homes across the UK is now being used in the Fully Insulated EcoSuite Garden Buildings that are being installed all across the UK.

Imagine that extra space you’ve always wanted, hidden in the depths of your garden without the worry of it being too cold in winter and too hot in summer. The perfect indoor, outdoor space that can be used to meet your exact needs.

The EcoQuilt reflective barrier insulation system used in the roof and walls of the EcoSuite provides un-rivalled heat retention in the winter, and reflects excessive heat in the summer. This results in your EcoSuite easily maintaining a more comfortable temperature all year round.

Ideal for use as a recreational space or as a home office fit for all seasons, these garden rooms provide better insulation than most offices across the UK.

EcoQuilt’s versatility doesn’t stop there! You’ve heard how it effectively insulates roofs, walls, floors and gardens but how about packaging and transport!

Our reflective insulation is now being used in transport by online food companies and for pharmaceuticals. We can supply insulated envelopes, boxes,pallet covers and provide insulation for shipping containers.

As a high performance, money saving solution for transport needs, it also beats all its competitors that use expanded polystyrene for insulation. Your products stay colder for much longer!

Further details on our entire thermal packaging solutions can be found here

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Payments by Secure Trading