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How to Install the EcoTec Radiator Insulation Kit

Difficulty: Easy • 6 Steps

In this how-to-guide we’ll show you how to install the EcoTec Radiator Insulation Kit to save on energy bills. This is a fast and cost-effective way of maximising the performance of your radiaitors within your home.

Did you know around 40% if energy from radiators can be last through the walls? This is why it’s vital to insulate behind them.

Method Steps

  1. Measure

    Measure the length of the radiator using a tape measure.

  2. Mark the insulation

    Roll out the insulation and mark the correct length you've just measured.

  3. Cut the insulation

    Use Multifoil Insulation Scissors or a Cutting Knife to cut the insulation at the length you've just marked out.

  4. Radiator brackets

    Measure the length of the brackets and mark the placement of the brackets onto the insulation as well as the length of the brackets. Cut the line you've just marked so the insulation fits around the radiator brackets.

  5. Tape

    Apply the Thermaseal Double-Sided Tape to the top and bottom of the back of the insulation. Peel the backing off the tape.

  6. Secure the insulation

    Place the insulation behind the radiator and adhere the Thermaseal Double-Sided Tape to the wall.

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Disclaimer – Ecohome Insulation cannot be held responsible for any losses financially or physically from advice provided in this How-To-Guide.

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