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How to Insulate your Loft Ceiling

Difficulty: Easy • 8 Steps

This is a step-by-step guide, that demonstrates how to Insulate your loft ceiling with our Loft Ceiling Insulation Kit

When installed on your Loft Ceiling (Otherwise referred to in the trade as Under Rafters) it reduces heat loss and consequently reduces your heating bills.

This Kit has been designed for homeowners, who wish to save energy. In many cases, our customers insulate their loft themselves and don’t use tradesmen. However, any local handyman would be able to assist you if you do not wish to install our Kit yourself.

It is proven to save cost, space, wastage & installation time compared to Rigid PIR Insulation.

If you do not insulate your loft, you are actually using 25% more energy than you need to – to maintain the same temperature.

25% of the Heat you are Paying for escapes via your Roof – So, by investing and installing this you can start saving and get a return on your investment every single year!

Method Steps

  1. Install your first run of EcoQuilt Expert

    Decide whether you would like to insulate vertically or horizontally, this decision usually depends on the length of your Roof Rafters. Then, roll out the Insulation and measure the amount of material required for a strip and cut, using the Multifoil Insulation Scissors supplied within the Loft Ceiling Insulation Kit: https://www.ecohome-insulation.com/product/loft-ceiling-insulation-kit/

  2. Staple the EcoQuilt Expert in to Place

    We advise that you staple every 300mm, to ensure that the Multifoil Insulation is held securely in place. Top Tip: Make sure the EcoQuilt is pulled taught, this will compress the layers and make the stapling process easier.

  3. Install the next Layers of Multifoil

    Ensure that you overlap the EcoQuilt by 50mm (minimum) - this will help to ensure that you have a continuous insulation layer. Failing to overlap will impact the performance, as it will allow for air to pass through.

  4. Counter Batten (Optional)

    Once all of your Roof Rafters are fully covered, you have successfully Insulated. If you are just using your loft for storage purposes, you may opt to leave your insulation exposed. If not, you can counter batten. Use 25mm x 38mm battens, these can be installed at right angled to the rafters. You can use battens that are deeper than 25mm should you wish. Battens will also be required for around the perimeters too.

  5. Internal Finish

    You can now screw the plasterboard into the battens.

  6. Want to Double the Performance?

    You can - You just Install two layers. This process is a little different, so if you do opt to install two layers, read from here. Roll out the Multifoil Insulation, but instead of stapling it to the front of the rafters - you want to staple it to either side of the joist (halfway up). By doing this, you will create an air cavity either side of the product even when you add your second layer.

  7. Staple Next Layer

    Overlap the next layer of Multifoil again by 50mm. Continue this process until you have full coverage all over.

  8. Install your Second Layer of EcoQuilt

    The second layer of insulation should be installed taught across the joists, so you have an air gap behind it. Staple the second layer to the front of the Roof Rafters. When you have a continuous double layer - you can then decide whether you wish to leave it exposed / board. Head to step 4 if you would like to board over the Insulation.

Buy Tools & Materials

Any questions at all, just get in touch here. You can either submit an enquiry or you can request a call me back. We are more than happy to assist you.

Disclaimer – Ecohome Insulation cannot be held responsible for any losses financially or physically from advice provided in this How-To-Guide.


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