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Trade Box of Foil Joining Tape, 16 Rolls

Foil Joining Tape

Genuine AluminiumThermaSeal Professional Foil Joining tape is designed to be used with all our reflective Insulation products, Superquilt multi-layer reflective insulation blanket, EcoQuilt Expert and Airtec Double reflective foil.

SAVE 12% Per Roll when ordering in box Quantities!

This Box Contains 16 Rolls of 75mm wide x 50 Metre long. As a guide we recommend one roll of Foil Joining Tape for every 25m2 of Material.

You should Always Tape and Seal all of our Reflective Insulation Products for Walls, Lofts and Roofs using Genuine Foil Sealing Tape. This will Improve the Thermal Performance and also prevent the Need for an additional Vapour Control Layer in Certain applications, leaving your home condensation free!

These large rolls of foil joining tape can cost more than £12 from builders merchants. It is not recommended to use cheaper Polymer based tape that looks like genuine aluminium foil. Thermaseal Foil joining is made from genuine aluminium foil.

From Experience, you will normally need the Following amount of Foil Joining & Sealing each of our Products:

1 Roll of Airtec Double 1050mm x 25m = 1 Roll of Foil Tape

1 Roll of Airtec Double 1050mm x 50m = 2 Rolls of Foil Tape

1 Roll of Airtec Double 1500mm x 50m = 3 Rolls of Foil Tape

1 Roll of SuperQuilt 1.5m x 10m = 1 Roll of Foil Joining Tape

3 Rolls of SuperQuilt 1.5m x 10m = 2 Rolls of Foil Joining Tape

1 Roll of EcoQuilt Expert 1.5m x 10m = 1 Roll of Foil Joining Tape

3 Rolls of EcoQuilt Expert 1.5m x 10m = 2 Rolls of Foil Joining Tape

PLEASE NOTE: For Orders of 2 Rolls of SuperQuilt or EcoQuilt we recommend 1 Roll of Foil Joining Tape, however you may need 2 Rolls in some applications where there are a lot of Cuts and Edges to fully tape and seal.

You can order online, by phone or request a "Call Me Back", and one of our sales team members will call you within 1-hour to take your order. We deliver carriage Free Next-Day within the UK Mainland on all orders over £100*


Item Condition: New

Box Price: 100 (ex. VAT) 120.00 (inc. VAT)
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