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FloorFoam is designed to Insulate Under Laminate, Vinyl, Wood Floors and Below Carpets


I replaced the laminate floor in our living room above a cold and damp cellar. We fitted Floor-foam first and was not only surprized how much warmer the room was, but how much softer and comfortable the floor was to walk on.

Helen Moscrop

Around 15% of heat can be lost through the Floor - Now theres a Simple & Easy way to install a solution!
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FloorFoam Insulation is designed to increase Insulation below Carpet Underlay, Wood, Laminate and Vinyl Floors to Prevent Cold from below the floor.

Whilst the best way to insulate a timber floor is by stapling RadiFloor under the floor joists from the crawl space which achieves maximum insulation. If you do not have access and don't want to remove floor boards then Floorfoam is The Solution for your problem. FloorFoam prevents cold air penetrating rooms through concrete and timber floors and helps prevent condensation on wood and laminate floors while helping dampen any sound. Floorfoam is made from 4mm of polyester foam with a Highly Reflective True Aluminium Foil on either side.

Floorfoam provides additional sound proofing between floors and creates a more comfortable walking area – especially when used under laminate and timber floors.

Floorfoam can be used on ground floors, upper floors, above unheated spaces such as garages and in rooms where rising cold air kills home energy efficiency. Fitting Floorfoam insulation is simple by laying it directly onto the timber or concrete floor. Ensure the edges are together and seal joints and edges with our 75mm Thermaseal True Aluminium Foil Joining Tape. You can then lay your Laminate floor, Wood, Vinyl or Underlay and Carpets in the normal way as recommended by the manufacturers.

This Insulation Kit Provides: One roll of 1200mm x 25M providing 30m2 and 1 x ThermaSeal Foil Joining Tape 75mm x 50m.


Item Condition: New

1200mm x 25m
Covers Area of:30 square metres
Pack Price: 109.00 (ex. VAT) 130.80 (inc. VAT)
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