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Non Itch
Non Itch
Non Itch

I fitted the recommended 300mm of non-itch loft wool last October. My heating usage is down by about 30% and I enjoy a much warmer home.

I now have a high energy efficiency rating for the HIPS report I will need when I to sell my home. My Insulation kit cost less than 250 and took me two hours to fit myself.

Geraldine C, Sheffield

" I did my home work on the product and prices before ordering. The Eco-friendly approach, helpful videos and 5 Star customer feedback rating gave me all the confidence I needed to order and carry the job my own insulation project... "

Sue Shaw, D.I.Y enthusiast

With Non-Itch Eco Loft Wool Insulating your loft could not be easier or safer. For both the person fitting and people living in the property. Theres NO itching and NO dangerous floating fibres. You don't need a protective mask or clothing to fit - it's a real easy D.I.Y job!

Non-Itch Eco Loft Wool provides effective Insulation for more than 50 years and does not deteriate unlike ordinary fibre Insulation.

Non-Itch Loft Wool is Eco-friendly, made from 85% recycled plastic bottles. You can top up your insulation or add more layers to increase your warmth. One layer is 100mm thick - increase to two or three layers for maximum Insulation. New build homes requires 270mm for building regulations. Non-Itch is a fire tested, "A" rated energy saving Insulation with full energy saving certification.

Distance between joists are 400mm in most homes - Non-Itch is made to fit. If the space between your joists is 600mm click here.

Non-Itch is made for loft floors, however if you need to keep the floor free for storage, you can use our Staple and Save Under Rafter Home Insulation Kit.

If you are wanting to Insulate your Loft Floor AND keep your Storage Space see our Loft Floor Insulation Kit Here

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Item Condition: New

Covers Area of:9.12 square metres
Pack Price: 54.99 (ex. VAT) 65.99 (inc. VAT)
Non-Itch Loft Wool - the safe Insulation for you and your home
Non-Itch Loft Wool (570mm x100mm - 2 Roll Pack)

Top up existing loft insulation - wider 570mm ready cut rolls

Radiator Insulation Kit
Radiator Insulation Kit

Ecohome Radiator Insulation Kit for up-to 30% of Radiator heat savings

EcoQuilt Multi Foil Insulation 1.5m x 10m rolls
EcoQuilt Multi Foil Insulation 1.5m x 10m rolls

EcoQuilt, the Superquilt alternative - designed for even easier fitting

Reflective Insulation
YBS Loft & Roof & Wall Insulation (15m2 Roll)

Perfect rolls of 15m2. Top solution for keeping heat in the home.

YBS Insulation Blanket
YBS Superquilt Loft & Roof Insulation

YBS Insulation Blanket. Space saving Insulation for Lofts

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