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alternative to Kingspan and Cellotex

Here at Ecohome, Multi-Foil insulation is our speciality and that’s because we know it’s the best insulation on the market, not just because of its price but its performance and ease of fitting.

This is no different when it comes to our TyvaQuilt roofing system. The all new system consists of 3 products, 2 Multi-foil Quilts and Non-Itch Eco Loft Wool, which work in harmony to produce maximum efficiency in insulation.

The system meets the requirements of a U Value of .18 in less time, space and cost than some of the leading brands that your building control may have suggested.

Space and Time.
TyvaQuilt works with rafters as shallow as 75mm that’s only 3 inches! In three steps your roof could be fully insulated. Keeping you warm in less time and space. Start by stapling the SuperQuilt below the rafters and then tape them securely, follow this by layering the Non-Itch between the rafters and finally staple the BreatherQuilt over the rafter. How easy is that?!

Our all new Roofing System is available forunder £21 a square metre which means insulating your roof no matter what its size is an affordable task. Using the highest Quality British materials and the most thermally efficient products on the market creates the highest performance possible reducing long term costs. Saving you money and space!

If you require a U-value calculation for Building Regulations to meet a u-value of .18 or better - use our Free Roof U-Value Calculator Now for an instant calculation Click here

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Payments by Secure Trading