Which is the Best Insulation? Foil, Fibre, or foam.

The best way to keep your home warm is with the correct insulation. Most people think of rock wool or fibreglass when insulating roofs and walls. However, there are more effective materials out there – MultiFoil!

Something that’s currently on everyone’s mind is at the moment is keeping the cost of their domestic energy bills down. Multifoil insulation is a great way to save on energy costs and make the most of the energy you pay for. It’s simple to install and very effective at reflecting heat into your home during the winter or reflecting heat away from your home during the summer.

What sets multifoil apart from the other insulation alternatives?

The three main ways that heat can transfer are convection, conduction, and radiation. Multifoils insulation will help block all these ways heat can escape your home. It has a true aluminum outer layer that reflects heat into your home.

Multifoil insulation is the best choice for both new construction and retrofit projects. A huge benefit to multifoil insulation is that it can be used anywhere in your home. Including walls, attics, floors, roofs, and many more applications. If you have extra insulation left there’s always somewhere in the house that it can be used so it doesn’t go to waste. Alternative insulation like foam, spray, fibreglass, and foamboard are all very effective insulation. However they’re all used in very specific areas of the home, and none of them can be used to insulate each area of your house that you’d typically insulate.

What are The Benefits of Multifoil?

Multifoil is the only insulation that doesn’t absorb infrared energy and it reflects it into the home. The majority of building materials including stone, wood, and brick absorb about 90% of infrared energy. Heat is easily lost through this absorption, but multifoil stops this with its reflective outer layer.

The reflective coating on multifoil also had another amazing benefit of a vapor control barrier as long as it’s taped and sealed using our ThermaSeal Foil Tape. This protects your home from moisture and condensation building up. in comparison, insulation blankets and rolls do not have the benefit of a vapor barrier, this means they can be damaged by condensation and dampness, which will negate their insulating qualities.

How Easy is Multifoil to Install?

The short answer is YES! Another benefit is that you don’t need to purchase any specialist tools or personal protection equipment. We have created DIY insulation kits that contain all the fitting items you’ll need to finish your project. Our website includes some very useful installation guides and videos to guide you through the installation process. Alternative insulation like Liquid foam, sometimes called spray foam insulation for example is sprayed into a place where it ultimately hardens into an insulating layer however can be a bit of an eyesore. It also requires professional installation, it is also challenging to remove once put in place.

How Safe is Multifoil?

In regards to health and safety measures, Multifoil insulation rolls do not release any harmful like rock wool or fibreglass insulation. Wool insulation fibres can cause skin irritation and breathing issues. Multifoil insulation eliminates the need for masks during installation.

Different Types of Multifoil Insulation

Below we have detailed just a few of our most popular products and where they are best used to ensure the maximum energy efficiency for your home:

SuperQuilt – This product can be used for many applications, including but not isolated to Floors, Walls, and Roofs.

EcoQuilt – Similar to SuperQuilt, a multilayer blanket that can be used in many applications – a cheaper alternative to SuperQuilt!

Floor Foam – Perfect easy-to-install product, suitable for beneath laminate, wood, carpets, and more!

BreatherQuilt – For roof refurbishments or new builds

EcoAirtec –  Looking to insulate your shed? Roof, Walls, Floor? Our most cost-effective solution.

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