Why use Multifoils as opposed to Spray Foam Insulation?

We will firstly explain what spray foam is, the negative implications of installing it and then we will provide you with superior inexpensive alternatives; Multifoil Insulation! By the end of this blog, you will know exactly why to use Multifoils as opposed to Spray Foam Insulation?

What is Spray Foam?

Spray Foam is formed by combining two materials and when sprayed, the expansive nature of the product ensure cavities are filled, which creates an air barrier and therefore acts as an insulation material.

What are the negative implications of Spray Foam?

  • Hazardous

Installing Spray Foam may sound ‘easy’ but it is certainly not a project you should take on yourself. Spray Foam is the most hazardous insulation, meaning experts must install this for you. They do use protective equipment, which includes a FULL body suit and face covering.

You cannot even be in your own home whilst the install is taking place and after, due to the above. Spray Foam has been known to affect those with existing breathing or respiratory complaints, including asthma.

We would not want a material so dangerous in our homes that humans cannot be exposed to, would you?


  • Very Expensive

Experts are required for the install, who have all undergone training and they also use specialist tools and machinery. Ultimately, you are paying for all of this in addition to the material.

  • Condensation

You will notice there is a lot of media coverage on the condensation arising despite having installed Spray Foam. If the installer leaves a section exposed, this creates a gap which provides an opportunity for water to penetrate through. This then causes mould to build. Even if there is not a ‘gap’, this can also occur when the spray foam is not the correct thickness.

In contrast, if there is enough coverage – surveyors often pick up on the inability of air to pass through the spray foam – this means that if water manages to get through the roof but cannot pass through the spray foam – this can lead to rotting wood.

  • Impacts the Saleability and Ability to get a Mortgage on Properties

Spray foam affects both the saleability and the ability to get a mortgage on a  property.

Spray Foam is both an issue for those looking to sell (as it is highly likely your buyers will have a mortgage) but it is also an issue if you are a current homeowner and require a mortgage. Studies have shown that Mortgage lenders often have major concerns with Spray Foam.

Buyers looking to purchase have had reports stating that as there is spray foam in the roof space, this is a short term solution and can increase the risk of damp and decay on the roof timbers. They go on to advise to budget for a replacement and continually monitor this too.

  • Life Span

Some of the foam may fail overtime if the mixture is not correct.

  • Fumes Post Installation

There have also been publications where the mixture is not correct, it has caused dangerous fumes to arise.

Why use Multifoil opposed to Spray Foam Insulation?

Ecohome Insulation’s Multifoils are manufactured using recycled materials (SuperQuilt 83%, BreatherQuilt 72%), unlike Spray Foam which is manufactured using harmful chemicals. All of our products are completely safe, which is in our view imperative. You do not need to wear any protective equipment to protect yourself from harmful chemicals.


Installing Multifoil

Multifoil Insulation – No PPE Required

Here at Ecohome Insulation we completely understand what homeowners and builders like to work with. We supply an array of products that give you a solution for EVERY application, the products are all designed to be easy to install, cost effective and space saving.

We have ‘How to Guides’ and offer technical assistance for every single product and application we supply. The ‘How to Guides’ together so that you can do the install yourself if you wish too do so. If you need assistance on any application, be it one on our site or not – let us know!

You can view a few of our most popular products below:

SuperQuilt – This product can be used for many applications, including but not isolated to Floors, Walls and Roofs. 

EcoQuilt – Similar to SuperQuilt, a multilayer blanket that can be used in many applications – a cheaper alternative to SuperQuilt!

Floor Foam – Perfect easy to install product, suitable for beneath laminate, wood, carpets and more!

BreatherQuilt – For roof refurbishments or new builds

EcoAirtec –  Looking to insulate your shed? Roof, Walls, Floor? Our most cost effective solution.

Need advise? Torn as to which product to go for? Let us help! Contact us by Requesting a Call Me Back or Send an Enquiry! We are here to help, with ANY application.

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