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Save up to 35% this winter with wall insulation

According to VeryWeather we are expecting temperatures to be 0.3c below average for the entire winter season[1]. Not only this but it could it could be particularly stormy this year and the last thing you want is another costly winter.

One way in which you could save up to 35% on your energy bills is by using our foil insulation throughout your walls. A house can lose up to half its heat through uninsulated walls! Imagine if you could see this in action, you’d probably try and do more to stop the heat from escaping.

By insulating the walls of your home with our SuperQuilt or EcoQuilt you will see a reduction in your heating costs this winter. Your home will not only retain heat better but also heat up faster, so you won’t have to plan your heating hours in advance.

A multi-foil insulation system is suitable for any type of building and house. Unlike cavity wall insulation which can only be used in more modern houses, multi-foil insulation can be used in combination with solid walls.

Other alternatives such as Mineral glass, chemical rigid foam and polystyrene slow down various forms of heat but have very low reflective ratings and very high emissive ratings. They are poor insulators against radiant heat which is where reflective foil insulation excels.

What’s more is that unlike traditional thick insulation, multifoil doesn’t take up much space at all. Being 3-5 times thinner, by using our insulation blankets you can increase the overall floor space of a room .

The strength of our insulation products is founded on the research and development of the individual components of the product and the way that they are put together. All these products are perfectly adaptable for insulating residential, commercial and industrial buildings, in roofs, attics, walls and floors.



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Payments by Secure Trading