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What Insulation do Ecohome offer?

There are many different types of insulation available for your home and the type the most suitable type for you will depend on several things including the area that is being insulated and the level of insulation that you want to achieve.

At Ecohome Insulation we have a wide range of insulation available in order to guarantee that our customers have sufficient choice to ensure that they can find the perfect insulation for them.

Here are the different ranges of insulation that we offer:


The EcoRange offers a variety of multifoil insulation solutions that are suitable for a range of situations.

If you need to insulate a shed, garden room or conservatory, as well as the usual floors, roofs or walls, then this is a good option.

Within this range we have the Eco-Tec shed insulation, the EcoPro Expert Shed kit, the Eco-Conservatory Insulation, Eco-Tec Floor Insulation, Eco-Foam Floor Insulation, the radiator kit, ThermaHemp Insulation, Eco-Suite Garden room, Eco-SuperFloor Insulation, Vessel and Tank Insulation and EcoQuilt.


SuperQuilt YBS is an insulation that can be used for lofts, roofs and walls.

It is a multifoil, reflective insulation that is ideal for building control projects.


This is a multi layer film insulation that comes in either single or double, meaning it has aluminium bonded to either one face or both faces.

Airtec double foil insulation is the more popular of the two and is a very high performing product that can be used for roofs, walls and floors.

EcoWool Green Non-Itch

This non-itch eco wool insulation makes the process of insulating very quick, safe and easy.

It can be used in lofts, between rafters in pitched roofs, in the walls between studwork and in floors between joists.


Choosing a suitable product can be tricky if you aren’t sure what to look for, so contact our experts who will be more than happy to advise you on what type of insulation will be best for you!

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