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How much you could save with the right insulation

New legislation for England and Wales requires all homes for sale to now have an energy performance certificate (EPC) which is provided to all new home owners upon moving. This certificate shows an overall efficiency rating for the house with A being the most energy efficient and G being the worst.

While providing these accurate details it also contains advice on cutting CO2 emissions and energy bills by making the right type of home improvements.

If you are selling your property or looking to buy a house in England or Wales then an EPC is always required.

If your house is more than 10 years old then the chances are that you could benefit from insulation - not only to boost your efficiency rating but also to save money on heating and bills. It is obvious a house with a higher energy efficiency rating will be worth more and in turn save a homeowner money on bills which is an attractive possibility for a prospective buyer.

Fitting any type of insulation for your home is an effective method of raising your home’s rating – if your home isn’t properly insulated it is likely you will be provided with guidelines on the recommended type and level of insulation with your EPC.

A loft is often easier and cheaper to insulate than a roof or wall, which is why it is one of the most common forms of insulation chosen. However if you are planning on using your loft space then roof insulation would be much more beneficial.

Roof Insulation doesn’t just keep the loft warm, in fact it retains heat throughout the whole home meaning that central heating systems are on less, resulting in great savings.

Costs and savings

According to Which? the recommended thickness for loft insulation is 270mm. So anything falling short of this is likely to be underperforming or not working correctly meaning you could be making more savings than you currently are.

From the table below you will see just how much on average you could save per year based on average property sizes and types, with fitted loft insulation between 0mm and 270mm. Payback time refers to how long the loft insulation will take to pay for itself through energy bill savings.

Type of home


Saving (£)


Payback time


Detached house (4 bedrooms)




1 - 2 years


Detached bungalow (2 bedrooms)




1 – 2 years


Semi-detached house (3 bedrooms)




2 years


Never run into the trap of thinking just because you use your loft for storage or as an extra room that you won’t require insulation – if you’re worried about room then we have some excellent ranges for you to choose from, making the job of insulating your home a lot easier.

With us, nasty fibre insulation isn’t necessary either.

Here are some of our ranges:

· EcoQuilt– a DIY & Trade multifoil used for applications in a variety of areas including sheds, conservatories, walls and floors.

· Eco-Green Non-ItchLoft Wool – Makes the process quick, easy and itch free. Applicable for use in walls, between joists in loft flooring and pitched roofs.

· Airtec – Our Bubble-Foil insulation available in either single or double Foil. The double foil proves our most popular as it provides the highest level of Performance in minimal space for insulating and damp-proofing. Popular for cellars, walls, and heavily insulated lofts.

· SuperQuiltapplicable for roofs, lofts and walls, the highest performance Multifoil in the World. Fully certificated so is therefore ideal for building control projects.

Although the initial price of any form of insulation may be off-putting it is important to consider it as an extension to your homes investment. Not only will it save you money now but it could be effective in earning you much more money in the future when it comes to selling your family home.

For more information on our foil insulation please browse our website or contact us about any queries that you may have.

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