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Insulating your home this Winter: How to choose the right product

There’s less than one month left until Christmas, meaning winter warmers, thermals and wellies will all need to be at the ready as all the dreaded signs of Winter arrive.

Plummeting temperatures, wet weather, ice and snow, may drive you to pop on the heating while at home or in work, which will lead to an increase in energy bills. However, with the right insulation for your home or building the regularity with which your heating will need to be switched on can be vastly reduced, and so can your energy bills too.

This Winter, when purchasing loft, wall or floor insulation, don’t be confused with the different products available.

Radiant Insulation & Traditional Insulation

When looking for particular home insulation products in building or renovation phases, products that come to mind for use in roofing, walls and flooring, are traditional insulation types which are of low thermal conductivity such as fibreglass, cellulose and foam designed to prevent convective and conductive heat transfers through trapping air.

However, radiant foil (or reflective insulation) products do exist, which are designed alternatively to prevent far-infrared radiant heat transference. Such insulation products utilise an aluminium surface, and multi-foils such as Superquilt, installed reduce the radiant heat transfer through this air space.

One of the most significant differences between this type of insulation and traditional fibre glass is that foil is able to reflect whereas traditional materials only absorb the heat, which when installed in lofts, can cause that space to heat up, in-turn increasing energy costs. The radiant barrier therefore is able to address the issue of retaining heat efficiently through winter and in the summer, radiant heat from the sun helping homeowners to reduce monthly electricity bills.

Used in NASA space suits and emergency blankets, reflective insulation works to reduce the flow of heat through airspace and can be used in combination with other insulation materials such as Kingspan or Rockwool, however 90% of Homeowners find that only 1 Layer of SuperQuilt is such a vast improvement and see significant monthly savings.

Its ease of installation with one of our staple gun kits, space saving attributes and lightweight durability makes it an exceptional choice when compared with traditional materials for insulation.

At Ecohome-Insulation we stock three main types of radiant insulation:

  • SuperQuilt – often a favourite choice among builders for new building projects in roofs, walls and lofts and its compliance with building regulations for various U-Values. It has a high level of thermal resistance and is extremely lightweight.
  • Airtec Double foil – One of the most versatile types of reflective insulation and used in, but not limited to walls and cavities in garages, greenhouses and conservatories.
  • EcoQuiltOne of the highest performing reflective insulations in Europe, EcoQuilt is ideal for use in walls, garden buildings & conservatory roofs and is perfect for DIY fitting.

To find out more about the benefits of installing radiant barrier insulation your home or new build contact us. With numerous energy efficient products to choose from you can guarantee warmth this winter.

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