10 DIYs You Can do Over the Christmas Break to Help Save Energy

10 DIYs Over Christmas to keep your home warm and cozy. There are many ways to preserve energy, regardless of how modern or old your home is. The main benefits are home with lower domestic bills and lower environmental impact. Making small improvements can make a big impact. Did you know 40% of the UK’s carbon emissions come from our homes? The two absolute necessities are insulation and draught-proofing.  Even if DIY isn’t your thing, here is a list of suggestions ranging from quick and easy to bigger tasks that are still easy but will take up some more of your time.

#1 – Prevent Heat Loss Through your Roof

The best way to prevent heat loss is by using our Loft Ceiling Insulation Kit. Which is highly efficient and simple to install. It works by preventing heat loss when on the ceiling of your loft (also known as under rafter). This will lower your heating costs and you’ll see a return on your investment every year because 25% of the heat you’re paying for escapes through your roof. If your loft isn’t well insulated you’re effectively using 25% more energy than is required to achieve the same results as someone who does.

#2 – Wrap all your pipes with lagging

Most DIY stores will have foam pipe lagging, which will easily slip over your pipes after cutting them to the correct size. Then secure them with insulating tape. Pipe laggings help during the winter to prevent your pipes from freezing and containing as much warmth in the water pipes as possible.

#3 – Install a hot water tank jacket

Have you thought about using a hot water tank insulation kit? Your hot water cylinder may lose up to three-quarters of its heat if you don’t have one. The insulation works in two ways, the first is it slows down the heat transfer due to its multilayered make-up, the multifoil will also help to repel the cold away.

#4 – Hang thick curtains

Curtains are more than simply a decorative element in your home; if you use them properly, you could reduce your energy bills. By just hanging curtains, you can cut your energy consumption by up to 15%!  The most heat will be retained if you hang thick-material curtains or even thermal-lined curtains.  Keep your curtains closed, especially at night, and to go the additional mile, tape your curtains to the wall for a tiny bit of additional insulation. And make sure the curtains overlap in the middle when they are tightly shut.

#5 – Install a Chimney Balloon

As long as the chimney is not in use, it can be sealed with an inflatable chimney balloon to prevent warm air from escaping. it can be placed up the chimney and easily removed if you’re wanting to install a working fire.

#6 – Check for gaps in your floorboards

One of the best energy-saving suggestions for owners of older homes is to fill the spaces between the flooring. Old floorboards give a room character, but it’s amazing how much heat can escape via the spaces between them; when added together, this can be the equivalent of leaving a small window open all the time. Additionally, you can install our EcoTec FloorFoam Insulation Kit which can be used under most flooring including, carpet, laminate, wood, underlay, and vinyl. This will help prevent draughts and around 15% of energy.

#7 – Insulate your loft floor

Our Ecohome Insulation’s Loft Floor Insulation Kit is an ideal solution for insulating your loft floor without the use of any nasty, itchy fiberglass and without raising the floor height, keeping your loft storage boards in place. At 6mm thick when compressed EcoQuilt Expert is equivalent to around 100mm of Fibre Glass and also helps retain heat by reflecting into your home. You can also use a double layer to reflect even more heat!

#8 – Remove draughts from the front door

A small area that can let in a lot of cold draughts is the front door. You can simply add a letterbox brush or a keyhole cover to help prevent draughts from getting through. They’re inexpensive, quick, and easy to install.

#9 – Don’t neglect your floors

An area that can be causing a lot of heat loss is your floors especially ground floors or over rooms like garages that aren’t typically kept warm. This is why we recommend using our EcoTec Floor-Foam Insulation Kit which blocks any draughts from coming up through the floors and keeping the warm air inside the room. This can be used under most flooring including, carpet, underlay, wood, laminate, and vinyl.

#10 – Maximise radiator efficiency

Clean and clear radiators will expel more warmth into your home. Make sure to add your radiators to your weekly cleaning regime. Dust buildup in your radiator can make it difficult for heat to escape. Which makes your radiators work harder to warm your room. We also have an inexpensive Radiator Insulation Kit that will help maximize the use of your radiators and is quick and easy to install.

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As you can see insulation is key to a warm home and lower energy bills

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