2024 Rigid Board Insulation Price Increase

With the increasing cost of living, economic instabilities, and interruptions in supply chains, the price of Rigid Board Insulation is experiencing a significant rise, reaching up to 20%. This poses a challenge for homeowners and builders as they strive to comply with building regulations while also ensuring energy efficiency and cost in their structures. We’ll look into what has caused the 2024 Rigid Board Insulation Price Increase as well as look into alternative materials.

What’s the Importance of Insulation?

Insulation has a vital function in promoting energy efficiency and enhancing the overall comfort of a property. Its primary purpose is to act as a barrier and reflect heat reducing the need for heating and cooling systems. By effectively insulating a building, the use of air-con and also central heating will be reduced. This will lead to a considerable saving on energy bills and contribute to a more environmentally friendly way of living.

Rigid Board Insulation

These well-known brands of Rigid Board Insulation will see a price increase of up to 20% in 2024 Celotex, Rockwool, Kingspan, Unilin, Sheepwool, Knauf TLX, and many more!

Rigid board Insulation

The use of Rigid Board Insulation has increased due to its thermal efficiency and it’s fully approved for building control to achieve a desired U-value. It’s a versatile material that can be cut easily and used in many different applications. It’s a popular choice in both new constructions as well as retrofit projects.

Causes of the 2024 Rigid Board Insulation Price Increase

Escalating Energy Prices: The increase in price of energy sources like natural gas and electricity, has put pressure on the insulation manufacturers to pass on the increased price to the distributors. Which in turn means they pass on the increased cost to their consumers.

U-value Changes: Recently stricter building resulations and energy efficiency standards have increased. This has prompted the need for more insulation to meet the correct U-value for building regulations. This creates more demand and further drives the prices up.

Increased Demand: Energy efficiency and sustainability have become increasingly important prioritise for homeowners. The demand for insulation has surged, outpacing the industry’s ability to keep up.

Supply Chain Disruptions: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and geographical tensions have disrupted global supply chains. This is leading to shortage and delays in the production and distribution of raw materials used in manufacturing.

The Best Alternative to Rigid Board Insulation

Multifoil Insulation is a highly recommended substitute for Rigid Board Insulation due to various reasons. One of its main advantages is its lightweight nature, making it convenient to handle and install. Additionally, it can easily fit through tight spaces such as loft hatches without requiring any prior cutting. Furthermore, the material can be easily trimmed and molded to perfectly fit into any corner or gap, guaranteeing optimal coverage and effectiveness.

Multifoil Insulation has the advantage over Rigid Board Insulation in terms of thermal efficiency. This is due to its combination of reflective foil and wadding layers, which effectively prevent heat from escaping in the winter and maintain a cool temperature in the summer for your home.

Multifoil Insulation offers a range of benefits, one of which is its versatility. This type of insulation is suitable for various purposes, such as roofs, walls, floors, conservatories, garages, sheds, and more.

At Ecohome Insulation, we have a wide range of Multifoil Insulation available, including YBS SuperQuilt, EcoQuilt Expert, AirTec Double, EcoQuilt45, and YBS BreatherQuilt. All of these products are manufactured in a UK factory located just 30 minutes from our distribution center. This results in fewer instances of price increases compared to insulation that is produced and transported from other countries.


Homeowners and builders are facing a majour obstacle due to the increasing cost of Rigid Board Insulation. Fortunately, there are excellent options such as Multifoil Insulation that offer ease of installation and are a budget friendly alternative. To avoid a 20% price hike, consider using Multifoil Insulation Instead.