Case Study – Transform a Warehouse using SuperQuilt

Many warehouses require insulation however can be expensive to insulate the full area. Below is a case study on how our customer insulated a section of their warehouse with a SuperQuilt curtain.

A garden building manufacturer based in South Yorkshire wanted to split their barn in two parts, one as storage, the other as a workshop.

Due to the warehouse being very draughty, keeping the whole area warm was extremely difficult. This became a problem over the winter months due to the plummeting temperatures.

Following the winter chill they decided to split the warehouse into two sections. After much research, introducing a SuperQuilt curtain was the most fitting. Their SuperQuilt curtain meant 98% of radiant energy remained in the workshop, in addition, the workshop was significantly less draughty.

Case Study - Transform a Warehouse using SuperQuilt

Case Study – Transform a Warehouse using SuperQuilt

SuperQuilt is the highest performing multifoil certified for roofs, walls and floors. YBS SuperQuilt is manufactured in the UK and is exclusively the only multifoil on the market with true aluminium foils.
Key benefits of this include;

  • Better Reflective Properties (Reflects 98%) – Compared to other multifoils made of metalized plastics
  • Improved Rigidity and Quality
  • Class E Euro Fire Classification – Compared to other multifoils with Class F

YBS SuperQuilt curtain is an ideal solution as it’s flexible and can easily be moved up and down. In summer months the insulation will work in the opposite way, and reflect away unwanted heat – Creating an ambient temperature all year round!

Customer Feedback

Our customer said…   “The barn was impossible to heat up before but now we can just put the space heater on for 10 minutes and the whole warehouse warms up. Before we had the curtain, we often had the cold and wind blowing through, but it stops that. It also keeps sound contained inside the warehouse, which is great as there are other buildings surrounding ours.”

Click here to visit our ‘How to’ guide Link!

Case Study - Transform a Warehouse using SuperQuilt

Client operating in their insulated warehouse

The warehouse has been insulated for over a month now and they are incredibly happy with how the whole process went. They found;

  • Installation using the ‘How to’ guide easy to follow
  • Their whole workspace warms up within 10 minutes
  • Keeps the warmth inside for hours and the cold out
  • Keeps wind and draughts out
  • Prevents rain noise

Where to purchase?

SuperQuilt can be purchased online at the lowest trade prices at the following links;

See page of technical pages for a variety of applications using SuperQuilt – Click Here! 

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