How do ‘Eco Garden Studios Insulate their Summer Houses?

Eco Garden Studios Insulate their Summer Houses / Garden Rooms with EcoQuilt. They insulate to ensure that they create additional space for their customers that is 100% usable. They understand Garden Buildings are an investment and that customers want to enjoy the space, all year round.

No one likes to spend money on a Garden Building that can only be used for a few months of the year. Therefore, it is worthwhile checking prior to purchase whether the building you are looking to purchase will be insulated. If it is not insulated, from experience – we would not recommend that you proceed with the purchase. (if you already have bought an uninsulated Garden Building then see HERE.)


Insulated Garden Building

You may ask yourself ‘Why do I need an Insulated Garden Building?

Installers know that uninsulated buildings would be significantly limited in its usage and that insulation is essential. A Garden Building that is uninsulated is like a  Conservatory only enjoyable when the external temperature is ‘nice’. Having no insulation limits the usage and also makes the building susceptible to damp. Damp is certainly not something you want when making an significant investment.

Now you understand the importance of insulating, consider looking at the insulation properties.

The UK Manufacture of ‘Eco Garden Studios’ opt to use a product that has been designed and trialled for this application which is called EcoQuilt.


On every building that they manufacture and install, they use EcoQuilt insulation. One of the main reasons that they opt for this multifoil insulation is because when Taped and Sealed around the edges and joints with our ThermaSeal Foil Joining Tape it creates a vapour control barrier. A vapour control layer ensures that the internal of the building will be dry and consequently usable.

Not only does EcoQuilt make the building dry, it all so generates thermal benefits.  To put its performance in to perspective, it is equivalent to around 100mm of Glasswool or 50mm of Rigid Board such as Kingspan/Celotex. EcoQuilt is also ONLY 15mm Thick! That means you get the performance, whilst saving on valuable space.


Installing Counter Battens

So regardless of the purpose of the summer house, you want it insulated!

If you have already purchased a Garden Building or a Shed even, that is not insulated – Don’t panic, at Ecohome Insulation we do also offer Shed Insulation Kits for those who are insulating themselves.

Whatever its purpose, whether it be for a Home Gym, A Motorbike Store, or a Bar – this solution will make the room dry and usable all year round.

We have made it as easy as possible for you and provided you with;

Fixing Videos, Guides advising what size kit you will need and also each kit comes with fixing equipment too!

So, whether you are looking for a fully insulated garden building or the material to insulate yourself – you can contact us.