Multifoil Insulation features in Escape to the Chateau

Multifoil Insulation features in Escape to the Chateau! In this episode, Angel and Dick discovered a part of the Chateau that they hadn’t ventured to before. When they revealed the space, it was huge, Angel was then set on transforming it into a Sky Bar!

Angel and Dick were both excited to begin creating the Sky Bar! They were also keen to start seeing a reduction in their extortionate energy bills!

This is why they opted to use Multifoil Insulation, in their transformation.

What is Multifoil Insulation?

Multifoil Insulation is often referred to as ‘foil insulation’, which comprises of layers and reflective foil. Multifoils are designed to take up very little room, whilst offering terrific thermal performance. Like many people have realised, if you insulate your loft space with Multifoil Insulation you instantly make huge savings!

Multifoil, therefore, was exactly what Angel and Dick needed, as they have always suffered from ‘magnificent fuel bills’. After exploring the attic space, they soon realised this uninsulated space was a massive contributor to those bills. They were paying for heating which was unknowingly escaping right above them!

Given Angel and Dick have a large Chateau, insulating their loft space will bring their energy bills down to a ‘palatable level’.

Angel who was keen to make the Sky Bar look amazing actually loved the look of the insulation exposed.  Multifoil Insulation, such as products like EcoQuilt, SuperQuilt and ThermaQuilt all have a silver outer layer. Dick went as far as describing the multifoil insulation as ‘sexy insulation’ so they were both in agreement boarding was unnecessary!


If Angel and Dicks project has inspired you to transform your own attic space in to something more usable, just get in touch…. Maybe a bar might be a little extra for most people, but we can guarantee if your loft isn’t sufficiently insulated – you are missing out! Missing out on either saving money / space / having fun up there!

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