By Insulating, you will reduce your energy bills.

Uninsulated Home = Heat Loss = More Energy Usage = Money Wasted

An Insulated Home = Heat Energy Retained = Less Energy Expenditure = Lower Energy Bills = Money Saved

We all know the cost of energy has escalated, subsequently our bills are much higher than they have been formerly. This is sadly something we have very little control over. It also seems like  we are getting minimal government support / funding to help us combat the spike – again we have little control over this. We can only hope this changes.

However, there are things you CAN control. It is the parts that we can control, that we need to focus on!

What CAN you do to reduce our Energy Bills?

Here at Ecohome Insulation, we are interested in how we can actually retain / conserve the heat you are paying for. We want to improve your homes energy efficiency – so you actually spend less money on energy!

We strongly recommend that you insulate now to save in the future. Energy costs are unbelievable – which means the savings that can be made are also unbelievable.

How much will YOU save by Insulating your House?

A massive 25% of the heat is lost via an poorly insulated roof / loft.

You can either save 25% or loose 25% of what you are spending on energy – it really is a no brainer!

If you are wanting to start cutting your own costs, we have a very simple easy to install Loft Floor Insulation Kit that can literally be installed directly on the loft floor. We have a useful ‘How to Video‘ which shows you how to install this product too. It’s a simple install and therefore an easy an unbelievably cost effective solution.

As the cost of energy increases, if you have an uninsulated home this percentage will account for a massive cost.

If we think about the walls too – we appreciate, for many this is a little harder to insulate unless you are doing a full renovation – but you can also save up to 15% on your heating bills, by insulating your walls.

All of these savings add up to a lot of money!

Insulate NOW before the major increases – be proactive and do what you can before your bills increase – so you don’t feel the hit as much.

We have Kits for the Loft Floor:

This product can be laid across your loft floor:

You can insulate your floor with EcoTec Floor Foam: