With global energy prices in a precarious position, domestic energy bills are a huge topic of conversation for Winter 2022. If we are all going to be paying more than usual to heat our homes, we need to ensure the heat we are paying for stays within our four walls and THE answer to this is insulation!

Insulation has a number of advantages, including preventing heat loss, lowering energy bills and enhancing environmental sustainability.

By insulating our walls, roofs, ceilings, and floors many people have been able to significantly lower their fuel expenses. The money saved in energy bills will in time far outweigh the initial cost of insulating solutions.

Improved insulation can actually help us keep up to 80% of the heat we’re paying for that would otherwise be lost. The advantages of insulation don’t stop there; it can also lessen condensation, dampness, and mould. All reasons are beneficial to your health.

Your home can be insulated with a variety of quick and easy DIY Insulation Kits that can considerably minimise heat loss while cutting your heating costs.

Your energy expenditures can be significantly reduced with even minor home improvements. For instance, installing an insulating jacket on your hot water cylinder will reduce your annual heating expenditures by £70 and your carbon dioxide emissions by 155 kg!! So, if you are looking for more top tips to assist in keeping your home at a steady temperature, whether you’re searching for small fixes around your house or an expert to install insulation, read on…

Energy Conservation – Retain the heat you are paying for

Energy conservation is crucial for a variety of reasons, including lessening our dependence on limited resources like oil and gas, lowering our carbon footprint, improving the earth for coming generations, and allowing household budgets to stretch further.

According to estimates, about a third of the heat lost from homes is lost via their walls. The other quarter leaving through the loft and roof. Improved ventilation and air sealing can be used in conjunction with a loft floor insulation kit to create a space that is more comfortable and offers significant financial savings.

Don’t let Radiators heat the outside of Your Home

A Radiator Insulation Kit is a fast and cost-effective way of maximising the performance of your radiators within your home. Around 40% of energy from radiators can be lost through exterior walls, which is why it is absolutely vital to insulate behind them, this is also a recommendation of the Energy Saving Trust.

Let the sunlight in during the day

If you simply open your blinds or curtains to let the sunlight into the room. This may easily harness the energy that sunlight provides. Your glass window allows the sun’s UV rays to penetrate, which then converts to heat once within the indoor space. Windows that face north and west will benefit the most! Don’t forget this is a no-cost method to save on your energy bills!

Invest in a Chimney Balloon

You might not be aware of it, but your chimney can let out a lot of heat from your home. Fireplaces in houses are frequently left unlit these days. Many of us no longer use open fireplaces of the traditional style because we have central heating. It’s possible that heat from your heated home escapes through the chimney if your fireplace isn’t being utilised. A chimney balloon is a practical remedy.

Seal up those Draughts

By draught-proofing your home and minimising air leakage from gaps and cracks near your doors and windows, you’ll save.

You may supplement your ceiling insulation solution, which is where most heat is lost in a home.

Additionally, wall insulation is crucial and can reduce the energy required to cool and heat your house by about 25%. If you choose to insulate your floors, you can save about 20%. You can provide insulation to your water pipes inside your walls and save energy by installing thick carpets. If you don’t have the DIY skills to securely install insulation yourself, it is recommended to obtain the help of a skilled, competent professional. You can do this regardless of the insulation method or methods you choose. We do have ‘How to Guides‘ for those of you willing and happy to give it a go yourselves.

As you can see the best course of action is to invest in new insulation for your home. If you want to lighten the burden of your energy bills, improve comfort levels and lessen your carbon impact. Why not take a look at our range of home DIY insulation kits HERE: DIY Insulation Kits • Ecohome Insulation (ecohome-insulation.com) and get in touch if you need some professional insulation assistance from the experts.