Insulate your Hot Tub to Improve Energy Efficiency

This blog has been created to highlight the inefficiency of an uninsulated hot tub. Also to explain how to insulate your hot tub to improve energy efficiency.

What a lovely treat it is after a hard days work, sinking into a cosy hot tub to relax….

Although what you may not realise is that many hot tubs are completely uninsulated, which makes them extremely energy inefficient. Also with the upcoming rise in energy bills, we all need to be saving as much money as we can! At the time of writing this blog the avergae cost of running a Hot Tub is around £18.50 per week!

To put it simply, if your hot tub is uninsulated you are paying much more to heat it up, than someone who has an insulated hot tub to obtain the same desired temperature.

We have created the Hot Tub Insulation Kit to solve this problem for you.

How Does This Kit Help?

This Hot Tub Insulation Kit ensures that once the insulation has been installed, heat will be reflected back into the hot tub (keeping the water warmer) and reflect any cold away. This will mean that less energy will be required to maintain the desired temperature. Good News!

What is included in the kit and how do I install it?

This is a high performing multifoil insulation blanket and is made up of 6 Highly reflective layers of Foils and Waddings. The material compresses to around 6mm in thickness, so you can easily install this behind the hot tub panels.

  • True Aluminium Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape 75mm x 50m

Use the True Aluminium Foil Joining Tape to Tape and Seal the insulation. Once the multifoil insulation has been taped and sealed you prevent cold air entering and warm air from escaping helping to give a btter thermal performance.

  • 10″ Heavy Duty Scissors

Installation of the Hot Tub Kit is simple, for detailed instructions we have created a step by step How To Guide . This has been created to assist you in the installation of your insulation within your hot tub.

So if you want to save money on your electricity bills while still enjoying a relaxing time in the tub, Insulate your hot tub to improve energy efficiency and beat the energy price increase!