Multifoil Insulation is a game changer for roof insulation

Choosing the right material to insulate your home with is a crucial decision for energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and overall comfort. In recent years Multifoil Insulation has gained popularity due to the range of benefits it offers. From enhanced thermal performance to easy installation, we’ll delve into the reasons why Multifoil Insulation is a superior choice to other insulation options.

What is Foil Roof Insulation?

Foil roof insulation can also be referred to as reflective insulation, is a type of insulation material that utilizes multiple layers of foil and wadding to create a barrier against heat transfer. The reflective properties of the foil help to reflect radiant heat. The wadding helps slow down the conduction of heat. This can significantly improve the energy efficiency of a commercial or domestic property, leading to reduced heating and cooling costs.

The multi-layers of the foil create an airspace that acts as a thermal barrier. when heat radiates toward the foil surface, the reflective foil bounces the heat back. During the summer this prevents heat from penetrating the building. Similarly, during the cold months, the foil insulation helps to retain the heat generated inside the property, maintaining a warm and comfortable temperature.

What are the Benefits of Foil Roof Insulation?

1 – Versatility and Adaptability

Foil roof insulation is a versatile solution that can be used for many different applications. Foil insulation can be tailored to fit your specific needs whether you’re insulating a residential property, commercial building,  agricultural structure, or garden building. It can also be installed in many areas of property not just roofs. Especially in confined spaces where traditional insulation materials may be challenging to fit.

2 – Easy Installation

Installing foil insulation is a straightforward process that can be completed by any DIY enthusiast. Unlike alternative insulation materials that require professional expertise and specialized equipment. Foil insulation can easily be installed in the desired area. You don’t need any PPE for the installation since it doesn’t release any harmful fibers. It also requires very little equipment that you may already own. This is why it’s a popular choice for any homeowners completing their insulation project themselves.

3 – Cost-Effective Solution

Foil roof insulation is a cost-effective solution for energy efficiency. By minimizing the need for excessive heating and cooling. This leads to lower energy bills additionally, foil insulation requires minimal maintenance and has a long lifespan, ensuring long-term cost savings.

4 – Superior Thermal Performance

Foil roof insulation has excellent thermal properties. The reflective layers of the foil efficiently block radiant heat transfer,

reducing the amount that enters or escapes the building through the roof. This results in a much more stable and comfortable temperature all year round, regardless of the weather conditions outside.

5 – Enhanced Air Quality

foil insulation is a safe and eco-friendly option, unlike spray foam insulation which releases harmful fumes during installation. Foil insulation does not emit any harmful chemicals or VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that can negatively affect indoor air quality. Making it suitable for anyone with allergies or respiratory sensitivities.

Popular Foil Roof Insulation Products

YBS SuperQuilt 

YBS SuperQuilt is our highest-performing foil insulation. With 19 layers of True Aluminium Foil and Wadding, it provides superior insulation properties while maintaining a slim profile. SuperQuilt is fully certified for building control by LABC, BBA, and BDA. it’s ideal for all types of roofing styles especially pitched roofs. You simply install it to the underside of the rafters.

YBS BreatherQuilt 

BreatherQuilt Finish

YBS BreatherQuilt is a unique foil insulation product that combines thermal insulation as well as a breathable roofing membrane. It’s ideal for insulating roofs especially where ventilation is required. BreatherQuilt is fully perforated to allow moisture to escape whilst providing an excellent waterproof membrane to protect your home from any weather conditions. This is installed over the rafter whilst installing your roof.

EcoQuilt Expert 

Roof Boarding

EcoQuilt Expert is a cost-effective alternative to traditional foil roof insulation. This is a great DIY version that can be easier to install however this can’t be used for building control but is a great option if you’re looking to upgrade your existing insulation.