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The Benefits of Insulating your Home

Your home loses heat in many different ways, around 35% of heat is lost through the walls, about 35% through the roof and around 15% through the floor; it is therefore important to do whatever you can to keep as much of this heat in as possible.

The newer your home the more likely it is to already have some form of insulation which will have been installed when the house was first built; mostly any house built from the Nineties onwards will have been built with insulation in the walls. However this is not a guarantee so don’t assume that a new build will have insulated walls!

There is not just one type of insulation, wall, loft and floor insulation are all available and there are many benefits to installing some or all of this insulation, here are a few of those benefits:

Reduction of heating costs

If insulation prevents the heat from escaping and enables your home to keep in more heat this means that your home will heat up more quickly and cool down more slowly, so you will need your heating on for less time. Using your central heating less means lower bills! The results are noticeable on your first bill after insulating.

Warmer in winter, cool in summer

Ecohomes Reflective Insulation doesn’t just stop heat from getting out, it also stops heat from getting in. This means that in winter your heating won’t escape and your house will be much warmer and more comfortable; then in summer the insulation will work to prevent the heat from outside getting into your home which will mean that your home keeps cool.

Reduce noise levels

Insulation works well to absorb sound, so it is a great way of making your home a more peaceful environment! Perhaps you have wooden floors and can always hear people walking around upstairs? Or perhaps you have noisy neighbours? Insulating your floors and walls will also help to combat this problem.

Environmentally friendly

If less heat is escaping from your house and you are using the heating less then you are reducing your emissions and reducing your consumption of fossil fuels. All of this means that your home is more environmentally friendly and we all know how important it is that we do what we can to help the environment.

Although the initial costs of insulation may be off putting, it is important to thing of the long term savings and the other benefits mentioned above; what could be more appealing than saving money, having a more comfortable and peaceful house and helping the environment?

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Payments by Secure Trading